Write-in Vote for Jesus?

I actually saw somebody write that on a message board.  They were going to write-in Jesus on this years ballot.  Because they didn’t like Hillary or Trump, the “lesser of two evils” was not a choice they were willing to make.  Or something along those lines.

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This type of “thinking” is not uncommon among some Christians.  I am not a Christian basher.  I am a Christian myself.  But I do hear some screwy things coming out of Christians mouths.  The bible says “Come let reason together” Isaiah 1:18.  Think things through.  Let me challenge some on their thinking on these matters.

Jesus often spoke in parables, so let me challenge my fellow Christians to an analogy:

A massive over-sized boulder is is perched at the top of a high cliff.  Underneath that cliff lay millions of unborn babies.  Babies who will be killed in the next 4 – 8 years.  Pushing that boulder towards the edge is Hillary Clinton.  Her and all the people who support for her.


Pushing against the boulder are all the pro-life people who have been pushing this boulder for decades.  The new leader as of a month ago is one Donald J. Trump.  This battle is currently evenly matched.  It wouldn’t hurt the pro-life side to have a few more people on their side.

But some pro-life people are sitting on the sidelines watching.  They say they won’t participate because Trump is arrogant.   Or a clown.  Or buffoon. Or some other personal defect they say he has.  They claim they are doing the moral thing by not supporting either corrupt Hillary or clownish Trump.

They watch with smug arrogance as Hillary’s side wins and pushes the boulder over the cliff.  And all the babies die.

Do you think the people who sat on the sidelines will be regarded as moral?  Or do you think the people who fought and pushed and tried to save these babies lives will be regarded as moral?

It is a very easy question.

“But we couldn’t trust Trump.  We couldn’t be sure that he would try to stop abortion when in office.”

But you know for sure what Hillary will do.  That is no mystery.  With Trump at least there is a chance.  He’s said the types of judges he would nominate.  He’s given a list of judges, all pro-life.  He will nominate 1 judge in his first month of office.  In a 4 – 8 year term he may have a chance to nominate up to 5.  That would be enough to overturn Roe vs. Wade and keep it overturned for decades.

But people would allow those babies to die because of a personal dislike for another human being?

Forget the millions of human lives, that’s too impersonal.  Imagine if at the bottom of the cliff were people that you loved.  Your son, daughter, Mom, Dad, siblings, spouse, grandchildren etc.  Put every family member you have at the bottom of that cliff.  Would you sit on the sidelines then?  Heck no.  You’d be pushing harder than anyone.  And if Trump was pushing with you?  You would welcome him.  You would support his big mouth criticizing Hillary and the pro-choice media.  Suddenly you’d think he was the greatest guy ever.

And in that situation, how would you feel about anyone who sat on the sidelines who wanted to tell you how moral they were?  You’d probably slap their face.

But you know what?  Even if you have a family of 100 people, that is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of babies who will be aborted in the next 4 – 8 years.

The moral decision is obvious.  Likely people have been fooled into very simple errors because there is a spiritual component to this election fooling them.  Getting people riled up to hate another human being, when so much more is riding on the line.  Do not be fooled.   Jesus said:  “Whatever you do to the least of these you do to me” Matt 25:40.  How are you treating the very least?  Are you fighting to protect them?  You don’t even have to push a boulder :).  All you have to do is check a box on election day.  Will you do that for the most helpless among us?

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God bless you and God bless America.

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