What Are Liberals Really Mad About?

There has been an outbreak of radical angry liberals in the last year or so.

What are liberals so mad about?

If you ask them, they’ll say “Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, Nazi, White Supremacist.”


But it’s not really any of those things when you dive deep as I’ll get to.  Those are all just clues that point to what liberals are truly angry about.

Liberals are angry about inequality.

Liberals are uncomfortable with different outcomes.

Why is that?

Because differing outcomes usually stem from differing inputs.

And I’m about to trigger some with this next one:

GOOD inputs normally yield GOOD results.  BAD inputs normally yield BAD results.

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I’m a Nazi now.  And racist, sexist, homophobe…..

Liberals don’t like the idea of good vs bad because that brings up the idea of failure.  Liberals are uncomfortable with failure because that brings up issues of self-esteem.  Identity issues, self-worth issues.  It even brings up feeling unworthy of love.

That’s a lot to handle.  It’s a lot of issues that are unleashed when a liberal person is triggered.

Let’s recap it:

– Liberal person hears someone making a good/bad judgment about someone else’s behavior.
– Triggers emotions of anger, frustration.
– Because if failure exists, that means the liberal person is a failure.  Because they fail sometimes.
– If they fail, that means they are imperfect.
– If they are imperfect, that means they might not get love.
– If they don’t get love they will be sad and die.

Connect the end from the beginning:

– If someone makes a good/bad judgment, that puts a liberals life in danger.

Liberal’s minds are literally wired to react to good/bad judgments as if their life is in danger.

This is why liberals get can get so agitated.  Wouldn’t you if your life was on the line?

It sounds like a crazy reaction.  It is.  But it is rational in the context of the beliefs a liberal person has bought into.  The problem is the beliefs the liberal person has bought into are false.

A secure person might react to those concepts in the following ways:

“People failing is normal.  It’s part of life.  It means I’m human.”
“Does that mean people won’t love me?  Maybe.  People have free will, they choose who they accept and love. That’s life.”
“People fail sometimes.  We’re human.  That doesn’t mean they are unworthy of love.”

If everyone who failed was unworthy of love, then nobody would be worthy of love.  Because everyone fails sometimes.

Let’s take some of the stigma away from failure.  Everyone does it.  In fact, it’s healthy to fail.  We fail every day.  Failure helps us to know what not to do.

If a person tries to pick up a pencil, they move their hand in the direction of the pencil.  Then they watch their hand go towards the pencil.  If it veers too far one way or the other, their mind says “failure, adjust course.”  That helps the mind know how to steer the hand towards the pencil.

Failure is constructive if approached in that way.  So everyone can lighten up.  It’s ok.  Breath.

When people start to personalize failure as inferiority complexes or severe self-doubt, that is a destructive approach to failure.

That’s when the liberal mindset can begin.  Instead of dealing with failure in a constructive way, a liberal must deny that failure exists.  To avoid their own inferiority feelings, feelings of unworthiness of love, etc.

A liberal must control the world around them to eliminate the concept of failure itself!  “nobody really fails, every path is equally valid.”

– No failure
– No feelings of inadequacy
– No danger of not being loved.

It’s why liberals are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable and not acceptable.

– Being gay is ok.
– Being trans is ok
– Some liberals even pushing now that pedophilia is ok.

The natural direction of that mindset is to say that everything is ok.

The envelope is pushed further and further once someone starts complaining about being a victim.  Like a Muslim person complaining about oppression.

That triggers feelings in the liberal person of rejection, self-worth, danger of not being loved, etc.

So a liberal must deny that there is anything wrong with the Muslim faith.

This is why liberals don’t stand against Islam.  Despite Islam being almost exactly opposite of everything liberals claim to believe.

Muslims have learned to manipulate liberals emotions with the victim card.  Same way the media uses the victim card to manipulate liberals.

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The ironic thing is that liberals go through all of these demonizations of anyone who makes good/bad judgments because liberals don’t love themselves enough.  They are secretly judging themselves.  They doubt their own value.
If they didn’t, they wouldn’t feel the need to eliminate the concept of failure or objective morality.

What’s the solution?

To know that everyone fails.  It’s ok.  Everyone is worthy of love.  And it’s not based on performance.  It’s based on being a human being.  That’s it.

That’s something everyone should have gotten instilled in them during childhood.  At very young ages, a person develops their sense about their self-worth and worthiness of love.  If their parents loved them unconditionally?  Then the person will be less likely to develop these liberal thought patterns.  Because their sense of self-worth will not be threatened by the concept of failure.

But a lot of people had dysfunctional homes.  Maybe a missing parent.  Abusive households.  Or traumatic events that shook their sense of self-worth and well-being.

People need healing for that.

In all honesty, EVERYONE has had hard things in their lives.  Things that have shaken their self-concepts.  Because nobodies upbringing was always perfectly reflecting unconditional love and acceptance.

Liberals are attempting to change the world into one that gives them the unconditional love and acceptance they didn’t get as a child.  It’s common for a wounded person to try to re-create a past trauma in the present with the hopes of the fixing the past through a similar present situation.

It’s why women often end up with the same type of guy over and over in different relationships.  Often it’s an attempt of the subconscious mind to fix the wounds that woman has from her relationship with her Dad.

The problem is, this attempt doesn’t work.  Even if a woman can find a man that reminds her of her Dad and get him to give her what her Dad didn’t?  That will only temporarily cover the wounds of childhood, it won’t fix it.  Soon the woman will get tired of this improved man and look for a man that reminds her of her Dad again.

The real problem is her original wounding that needs healing.

And in reality, what everyone needs is to find that unconditional love from a perfect source.  That would be God.  Our parents job was to love us unconditionally.  But they didn’t always do everything right.

But God always does everything right.  He loves us unconditionally.  When we are assured of that?  The concept of failure is far less threatening.

A person explaining why a specific behavior is not good?  That’s doesn’t matter as much anymore.  It’s their opinion.  They may be right, they may be wrong, but it’s not a threat to an emotionally stable person’s sense of self.

Bringing it back to a real life example, this is what happens:  A person like Donald Trump comes along.  He makes judgments about good/bad all the time.  He says there is a “Muslim problem.”  Trigger trigger.  He says that Mexico is not sending it’s best, but sending rapists (which is true that 80% of woman crossing through Mexico from South America are raped, which was the study Trump was referencing)  Trigger.  When Trump says illegal immigration is a problem for our country, it’s a trigger.

And look how Democrat leaders respond:  They don’t want to recognize any wrongdoing on the part of illegal immigrants.  They even change it to “undocumented immigrants”.  Or they will simply call illegal immigrants “immigrants” and drop the illegal part.  Because they say it’s insensitive.

It’s all an effort to avoid value judgments.  To protect fragile egos of people who don’t really know if they are valuable or worthy of love or not.

This is not the way.  It’s a path that doesn’t relieve the past pain.  It is a crazy path.  And it’s because of the beliefs some liberals have taken on are false.

The correct train of thought would be:

– Someone is making a good/bad value judgment about someone else or someone else’s behavior.
– I don’t care.

That’s about it.  Pretty simple.

It’s not a threat.  I can reason whether what that person is saying is true or not.   I can move about my day.  All is well.  No emotions triggered.

That’s all.

It’s a much more rational and reasonable place.  And peaceful.  When not everything is a threat or Nazi around every corner?  Much more peaceful!  Yes!

Try it.  Accept oneself.  Find your unconditional love in yourself, or more dependably, in a perfect source, in God. Who said:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  Jer 31:3
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever should believe in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 3:16

God bless you.

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