Democrat and Nazi Parties: Two of a Kind

Hitler meme Democrats

Thank you to everyone who commented on the meme above.  I cannot respond to everyone individually, so I will respond here:

If criticizing ideas you think are bad is “hateful” and “not constructive”, then why are you criticizing my ideas?  You’re doing it.

Wow, breaking up friendships Haha.
I think being in a party that acts similar to disgusting murderers is the problem.  Not someone posting about it.  Being insulted is like OJ Simpson being insulted by this:

Maybe that’s OJ’s fault for murdering someone.  Not someone else’s fault for making a meme about it.

If you are none of the 7, good for you.  But maybe you don’t fit in with the modern Democrat party.  In that case, why would you be offended?

This comment sounds nice.  But imagine this same sentiment if said in Nazi Germany.  Replace the words:

“I am not Nazi or anti-Nazi, I am German.  What I see hurting our country is this “Nazi vs anti-Nazi” divide.  I see it destroys families instead of uplifting each other.  Why war among ourselves?”

Sounds kind of foolish now.  The problem was not lack of unity between Nazi and anti-Nazi forces.  The problem was Nazi ideas hurting Germany and the world.  Anti-Nazi forces tried to stop them.  That’s a force for good.  The argument/conflict is a means to an end.  Unfortunately it does get messy.  But when the dust clears, hopefully bad ideas are exposed and expunged.  If that would have happened in Germany, how many lives could have been saved?  How much destruction avoided?

That’s the point of the meme, to avoid the consequences of bad ideas.  Ideas that have been tried before.  By Nazi’s.


But there was no backup.  Most of the objections were like that.

Propaganda is a message with something wrong about it.
Is there something wrong with the meme?  Let’s find out.

This was the most liked post out of all the responses:

That’s exactly what I thought Brandon!

Good point.  Each side uses fear.  Nothing wrong with using fear.  Fear helps people avoid harmful things.  Should a person be afraid of a bear in the woods? Yes.  It would be weird if they weren’t.

Another good point.  To his credit, Tim McNally did retract this part later.

To the assertion about Republicans being “far right Nationalists”

Democrats use “nationalism” like it’s a slur word.  All nationalism means is that you support your country and want it to do well.  Is that bad?

There is an anti-Americanism that is rife in the Democratic party.  As if it’s noble to hate America.  It’s almost a virtue-signal.

I find it to be more of a signal someone has been brainwashed to hate.  Like the Nazi’s were brainwashed to hate the Jews.

The Nazi’s were Nationalist.  But they were toxic-nationalists.  They wanted Germany to do well, but they wanted to destroy other countries.  Democrats want other nations to do well.  But when it comes to America, they are indifferent or want America to do badly.

Both Nazi’s and Democrats have toxic-nationalism.  With different targets.  Nazi’s targeted other countries, Democrats target their own country.

Much different than the healthy nationalism of Trump and conservatives:

That is healthy.  Wanting your country to do well and other countries to do well.

To the last point in Tim’s post:  “both use propaganda to deceive the public and demonize liberals”

Propaganda is a message with something wrong with it.  As shown, every statement in Tim’s post had something wrong with it!

Over 700 people liked Tim’s post and also believed the incorrect things he said.  Where do these wrong ideas come from?:

This is how Hitler influenced people with wrong ideas.

So true Jeremy.  That is the lynchpin.  Same as Goebbels propaganda machine was for the Nazi’s.

The media, and the school system:

I still run across Democrats who don’t think the media is biased.  Or they think it has a conservative bias!:

If someone is immersed in smoggy air, after a while it can seem like clean air.  But is it?

Let’s find out.  Here is the coverage of Trump by the main stream media:

Related imageImage result for anti obama percentage reporting media
Image result for obama media coverage bias
This is the media coverage Trump has received even though he has had a number of foreign policy and economic successes:

The media spins everything negative, that’s why some people don’t see anything positive.  The media attempted to turn peace talks with Kim Jong Un into a negative.  Peace talks.  Possibly avoiding nuclear war.  Potentially ending a 30 year stand-off between North and South Korea.

The media and Democrat party fil-a-buster the airwaves and attempt to censor opposing voices:

  • Censorship of conservatives on social media.  Banning, demonitizing conservative outlets, deleting 2.5 million “hate speech” comments in the first 3 months of 2018 alone.  Throttling or “shadow banning” conservative pages or channels.   Even everyday citizens getting banned or temporarily banned for comments made on their social media pages.
  • Successfully getting Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly fired from FoxNews.  Unsuccessfully attempting to get Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham fired.  Attempting to get Rush Limbaugh removed.  Liberal government-run NPR removed liberal Juan Williams for calmly expressing his honest views about Islam.  Getting Dr. Laura removed from radio.
  • Censorship of conservative businesses from expressing opposition to same-sex marriage.  Even forcing some to participate in same-sex marriages against their will.  Firing employees who have expressed opposition to same-sex marriage in their personal life.  The CEO of Mozilla was pushed out because he gave money to a California proposition against gay marriage.
  • Bullying non-political people if they make public statements outside the liberal narrative.  Miss California Laura Prejean was harassed relentlessly because she politely expressed her belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  Phil Robertson, The Duggars, Chic-Fil-A all faced similar mob attempts at censorship.
    – Attempting to block conservatives from speaking on college campuses or at rallies.

Look at these two responses to the meme as examples of the mindset:

They didn’t like the meme I posted.  So they sought to censor it.  They’re confirming the meme!  Irony.  I got many message like that telling me to take the meme down.

Hard to say that after the long list I provided.  Also, Trump has the power to shut down the Mueller probe today if he wanted.  He’s not doing that.  Even if he did, that wouldn’t be censorship.  That’s not preventing people from talking.  It would be ending a sham investigation.

Disagreeing with what a media outlet says is not censorship.  Censorship is trying to physically prevent someone from saying something.  Like the examples I gave.  Like what the Nazi’s did to people who spoke out against them.

But let’s get to a fair criticism, all the objections so far have been terrible.

It’s a fair point Pat Lee and I admit there are nuances to the Nazi’s gun policies.

Nazi’s disallowed guns for everyone who was not Nazi.  It was gun bans for some.  Still similar, but not as much gun grabbing as Democrats who want to ban guns for everyone who is not with the government.

Some Democrats disagree that Democrats want “no guns”:

You guys might want to check with some other Democrats on this one:

I don’t know who the 2nd person is, but that tweet got 64,300 likes.  That’s not being liked by ghosts.  That’s other Democrats wanting all guns taken away.  The recent “March for our Lives” event broadcast similar comments.  Mainstream media planting seeds for those kinds of thoughts:

I believe you have good intent Nicole.  But so did most of the Nazi’s.  How’d that work out?
I’m not as concerned with intent as I am with results.
500,000 – 3 million violent crimes are prevented by gun owners per year.
300,000 violent crime are committed with guns per year.
Do math.
By taking away guns, you would increase the number of violent crimes anywhere from 200,000 – 2,700,000!  How is that helping?  That ASSUMES that none of those 300,000 people who committed those violent crimes would obtain guns illegally.  We know that most crimes involving guns are committed with guns that were illegally obtained.  Gun bans wouldn’t prevent those crimes.
So I turn the question back to you Nicole, why do you want to dramatically increase the violent crime rate?  Likely you don’t.  You just don’t know all the facts because the media didn’t tell you.

A registry, that sounds familiar. What could go wrong?:

Look at these two comments, they need to get on the same page:

So which is it, Trump’s not doing anything or he’s taking all guns away?

Raija, $100,000 is nothing in politics.  We already have regulations.  Democrats have proposed no regulations that would have stopped any mass shooting in the last 20 years.  So it’s silly to act as if Trump is withholding a magic regulation that will stop mass murders for a $100,000 donation.

As far as the quote Steve took out of context, Trump was referring to Nicholas Cruz and how he was suspected of being crazy.  The discussion was about how to handle crazy or dangerous people who currently have guns.  Trump complained that the legislative process might be too long to prevent a tragedy.

I believe you don’t want to take away guns.  I believe some other Democrats who say that.  I don’t believe Democrat leadership.  Democrat leaders never speak positively about guns, it’s always negative.  If a handgun is used for a mass shooting, who will Democrats blame?  Guns and Republicans for not taking away guns.  It’s the same script every time.
Why would I think people who act like that wouldn’t ban guns if they had the chance?  I think it’s naive to think they wouldn’t.

Good points.
But both Democrats are Nazi’s are in favor of abortions for the unwanted.  But at least the Nazi’s wanted to protect some people. Democrats are worse because they don’t believe any life should be protected.

Conservatives don’t want abortion for anyone.

Ok Gabriel, here you go:

Abortion in America has killed over 60 million people.  5x more people than the Nazi’s did.

“I support people’s right to kill their boss.  I personally wouldn’t do it.  Then again, I don’t have a bad boss.”

Sounds kind of silly when you think about it.

(For more on Abortion:  10 pro-choice objections answered)

It doesn’t matter how many Jewish people vote Democrat or Republican.  Most German people voted for Hitler, does that mean the Nazi’s were the best party for the German people?  No, the Nazi party devastated Germany.

But for the record, by “hating Jews” in the meme, I’m more referring to Democrats hatred of the state of Israel.  I suppose if a Democrat person is alerted that a person is Jewish and not white, they will probably hate them less.

One trend I observed in the comments:


Excuse me?  Basically admitting Democrats hate white people.  I have an entire folder of examples of Democrats hatred of white people, but I guess I don’t need to post them.

This one was funny:

What a racist thing to say.  As if a white person making it would make it invalid? What if I said the same in reverse?  “I bet a black person said that”  And what if they did?  Would that mean it’s of lesser value than if another race said it?   Racist.  Confirming the meme.

It’s a good point.  There are also Republicans who hate Jews too.  But as far as supporting the state of Israel, overwhelmingly Republicans are pro-Israel and liberals are very squishy.  Especially the media who constantly attack Israel for defending itself and cover-up Palestine’s terrorist acts.  Going as far as calling Hamas terrorists “freedom fighters”.

70% of them don’t seem to.

Many Democrats snapped back with this response:

To put it in perspective, there are very few Nazi’s in America today.  Out of the 500 attendees in Charlottesville last year, only a dozen or so were neo-Nazi’s.  The Anti-Defamation League estimates the number of KKK in America is 3000.  Also very low.

Of course the media blew that out of proportion.  Made it as if the entire Republican party is Nazi’s based on a handful of neo-Nazi’s who attended an event.

And there are Muslim extremists in the Democrat party.  Does that mean Democrats are Muslims extremists?  No.  You can’t control who supports for you.

True and they hated white people too, except for Germans.  I don’t know of one Republican person who agrees with neo-Nazi’s, it is a fringe element with extremely small numbers.

As opposed to millions of anti-white racists on the left who are open about their racism.  They seem proud of it.  It’s like another virtue signal, hating America. Hating white people:

Look how many people liked and retweeted that one.

That does not happen from Republicans.  The numbers aren’t close, but does the media cover this anti-white bigotry?  No, they perpetuate it.

This is from one liberal media outlet:

Image result for salon racism

Imagine if black was substituted white in those headlines:

Image result for salon racism

There would be national outrage over racist Salon.  But since it’s against white people, the media doesn’t care.  They think it’s good.  It’s why some write those kinds of articles.

That’s another case of fake news.  Trump criticized both sides in the Charlottsville fiasco.  But he also said there were “fine people” on both sides.  And there were.  There were regular conservatives at the event who wanted to show support for historical monuments.  Other conservatives like YouTuber Jason Allsup said before the event that one of his goals of attending was to persuade extremists like the few dozen neo-Nazi’s and KKK people NOT to be neo-Nazi’s and KKK members.  I’d say that was a noble goal.

But the media didn’t write that story.  Instead they misquoted Trump as if Trump was referring to neo-Nazi’s and KKK members as fine people.

The last two are sort of together.  It’s the role of government in our lives and economy.

First the obvious, “Socialist” is right in the name:

But according to some Democrats, since it’s in the name, that means they aren’t socialists:

Okay.  I get that just because an organization calls themselves something, doesn’t necessarily mean they are that thing.  But most times when organizations label themselves something, they are that thing.  Bank of America, CitiBANK, Bank of London, Wells Fargo Bank… those are all banks.

Is this an exception to the rule?  Is this a virtual “titmouse”?  Was the National Socialist Workers Party not actually socialist?  What did Hitler say?:

It’s in the name.  Hitler sounds more socialist than Bernie Sanders.

But that also is not enough for some:

It was all a ruse.  A “rebranding gambit” (who is writing this script?)  Call themselves socialist, talk like socialists, demonize capitalism….  then secretly enact capitalist policies.

That’s an interesting theory, but no evidence was given.  Pointing to a titmouse is not proof that Nazi’s were not socialists.

But I will concede, it is theoretically possible that an organization could call themselves a duck, talk like a duck, then act like something else.  It is possible.

How will we ever know?

Huh.  I wonder why none of the articles linked by Democrats did that.  Hmmm.

Did Hitler enact socialist policies?  That’s all that really matters.

The Mises institute of economics explains:

This is not a description of free market capitalism.  This is not just socialism, it is extreme socialism.  Government controlling almost all aspects of private industry.

Further:  “(private business owners who were not Jewish or anti-Nazi) retained their positions in the economic structure. But they were virtually merely salaried civil servants bound to comply unconditionally with the orders of their superiors, the bureaucrats of the Reich and the Nazi party.”

An account from a World War II survivor in Austria who lived through German socialism:

This is socialism.  This is Bernie Sanders stuff.

Healthcare was socialized too: “After Hitler’s health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government….since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn….. As for healthcare, our tax rates went up to 80% of our income.”

They even had 24/7 child care:
“You could take your children ages 4 weeks to school age and leave them there around-the-clock, 7 days a week, under the total care of the government.”

The regulations were so extreme that restaurants were only allowed to have round tables.  To prevent people from banging against a corner of a table.

As Götz Aly writes, Hitler “soaked the rich” and “transferred the tax burden to corporations.”  He implemented “Price and rent controls, exorbitant corporate taxes and harsh taxes on capital gains, which Hitler himself had denounced as “effortless income.”  To fund social programs for the poor and working class.

A summary of the Nazi’s economic policies:

Someone can make the case that these are good ideas.  Bernie Sanders does.  But you can’t say this is not socialism.

But some tried:

Not “anything close”.  Words mean nothing.

These two guys responded well to that argument:

Saying Hitler is not a socialist because he opposed socialists is like saying Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown are not Democrats because they savaged each other in a primary.

Sorry for the blurry cut, but he’s saying Nazi’s outlawed unions.
You know who else outlaws unions?  Communists.  Because the government takes over the role of the unions.  That’s what Hitler did.  The Nazi government literally set up production incentives and bonuses for workers.  Capitalist governments don’t do that.

Most common objection here:

Fascism is not an economic system.   Fascism means “one way is the only way”.  As dictated by a central authority.  People under the authority have no choice but to do what the central authority says.  That is fascism.

Fascism does not necessarily refer to economics.  For example, dress codes can be fascist.  School uniforms.  That is a fascist dress code policy.  There are fascist anti-free speech laws.  Fascist law and order policies.

There are also fascist economic systems.  Socialism is a fascist economic system because most of the decisions are in the hands of the government, not the individual.

Saying “the Nazi’s were not socialist, they were fascist” is like saying:
Michael Jordan was not a basketball player, he was an athlete.

Basketball player is a kind of athlete.
Socialism is a kind of fascist system.

There are only 3 economic systems in the world (fascism is not one of them):  Capitalism, socialism and communism.

Which one do the Nazi’s policies fall under?  Government regulated for equality and Govt healthcare and education. Nazi’s did all of that.

In this chart above Nazi’s are far to the left towards the socialism/communism side.  High degree of government control.  High amount of government social services.

The key determininent is how much govt is involved in the economy.  Government is highly involved in a socialist economy.

These commenters said it well:

A further explanation of the roots of fascism:

Oh the dictionary.  I remember when Google’s dictionary tried to pin fascism on conservatives.  Then they were called out on it and had to retract.  Media mind control.

I imagine the kind of school you’re describing amounts to something like this:

I don’t need supposed authority figures telling me what narratives to believe.  I have the facts.  I have critical thinking.  I demonstrated how almost every criticism of the meme was false.  The only true criticisms were that Democrats are worse gun grabbers than Nazi’s were.  And worse on abortion.  Granted.
Most of these commenters didn’t come up with these false ideas on their own.  The media and school system fed it directly into their pod.

A few more comments answered:

Thank you.

– “hatred, fear and demonization of religious minorities.”  Talking about Islam.  Muslims are causing a rape epidemic in Europe right now.  In addition to high violent crime and terrorism rates.  It’s like the OJ situation, don’t blame people for talking about it, blame the perpetrators.
But why don’t you David care about those Europeans?  Or would-be victims of rape, crime and terrorism that importing Muslims would produce?  It’s like the toxic anti-nationalism again, not caring about the well-being of Americans.
– “hatred, fear and demonization of racial minorities.”  Well that’s just untrue.  Black and Hispanic unemployment at all time lows.  Trump has helped black non-violent drug offenders get pardons.  Sent extra police funding to Chicago to try to help the gang problem there.  Not sure what else he’s supposed to do.
– “hatred, fear and demonization of immigrants.”  Same as the first one.  Illegal immigrants subvert our laws, commit crime at higher rates, receive far more government help than taxes they pay, often don’t understand or respect our culture.  Identify theft and drug trafficking crime rates are extreme.  They demonize themselves. Drug overdoses now have surpassed traffic accidents and homicide in number of deaths per year.  Most illegal drugs come from Mexico and most of the drug traffickers are illegal immigrants.  But Democrats aren’t concerned about those victims or their families.  It’s toxic anti-nationalism again.  Some Democrats might care if they were aware, but the media doesn’t tell them.

I exposed in this article the ignorance and the anti-Americanism the media perpetrates.  As far as hate, the proof is in the actions.  It’s Democrats acting like brownshirts physically attacking people who disagree.  I’m not seeing Republicans doing that.

I thought of that one too:

– Scapegoating and sycophants, not sure if you saw the 8 years under Obama, that would be a good title for his presidency.
– misleading facts and outright lies?  I showed in this article who is saying false things.  And I choose the best comments!  There were many worse ones I left out.  Again, I’m blaming the media for hypnotizing people with wrong ideas.
– Nationalism and militarism.  The Democrat party does that too.  Just nationalism for other countries.  Toxic anti-nationalism towards America.

Maybe you don’t hate.  And maybe you don’t censor.  Good for you.  But you do support a party that does.  So you do support hate and censoring.  Just like most Nazi’s didn’t kill anyone.  But they did support a party that did.  So they were not faultless.

This is what the current Democrat party supports:

This former Democrat didn’t want to support this extreme agenda anymore:

Thank you for posting that Leiann.  Yes it’s good to remember that.  Democrats are not the enemies.  We are all Americans.  The real enemies are the lies and bad ideas that hurt people.  Let us root those ideas out in favor of sound thinking.


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