Top 10 Fake News Sources of 2017

2017 has been a banner year for fake news.  These are the fakest of 2017, counting down from 10:

10.  The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the newspaper that originally came up with the term “fake news”.  After the results of the 2016 election, WaPo lashed out at over 200 websites they deemed as fake news.  Why?  Because those sites said something similar to some Russia backed news outlet.  So of course those 200+ websites were influenced by Russia.
What kind of reasoning is that?  So since Bernie Sanders wants socialism and Hitler wanted socialism, that means Bernie Sanders was influenced by Hitler?  So dumb.

The irony was apparent when some of those 200 websites threatened legal action against WaPo for slander.  WaPo rescinded the accusations.

You can’t complain about fake news in an article while spreading false allegations.

But aside from slander, The Post defined what qualifies as fake news:  Operating under the false pretense of objectivity.

Again, Washington Post condemns itself.  They act like they are impartial arbiters of truth, while they act as a propaganda arm of the DNC.  This can be seen in their extremely biased coverage. One example:

Related image

When Obama discussed intelligence with Russia, it was “sharing”.

When it was Trump, it was “revealing highly classified information”.

Most of the media has this same double-standard.  It seems normal to some people because it is common.  Like breathing dirty air.  You forget it’s dirty until you get out in the country away from the smog.

Further, Trump didn’t reveal classified information to the Russians, everything he SHARED was public knowledge that had been reported in newspapers like the New York Times.  Maybe want to fact check a little better WaPo.

Instead, WaPo used an anonymous source to say that Trump revealed classified information.  Except everyone at the meeting with Russian officials immediately disputed WaPo’s story.  It was later revealed that WaPo’s source was an Israeli official who wasn’t even at the meeting!  Likely this official didn’t like Trump discussing ISIS with Russia and said something about it.  And WaPo construed that person’s opinion as some kind of first hand knowledge?  I don’t know.  No fact checking required, no critical thought needed.  It’s fits our bias, print!

7 months later, the USA and Russia have led in fighting ISIS and have decimated it’s forces.  Oh what a horrible thing discussing ISIS with the Russians was WaPo.

9.  Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC represents itself as a non-profit organization interested in identifying extremist hate groups.

After the 2016 election, the SPLC did a series of articles about what it deemed “The Trump effect”.  “The Trump effect” according to the SPLC is hateful “incidents” toward people of color, Muslims, women or other non-white male groups (if white males are attacked, who cares).

The problem with SPLC’s reporting is that most if not all of the high-profile “incidents” were hoaxes!

SPLC’s evidence of other incidents was scant at best.  They do not require proof, only anonymous reporting.  I posted an article critical of the SPLC on my page at the time.  One apologist for the SPLC defended their reporting.  I asked him to produce evidence.  He posted a montage video of “hate” displaying the Trump effect.  The worst incident of hate on the video was a high school student ironically saying “white power” at nobody as he walked down a hallway.

They are really grasping at straws.

But we do have ample video evidence of actual political violence caught on tape after the election.  All by left-wingers!  Trump supporters beaten up.  A white autistic teenager kid-napped and tortured by 4 black teens as they mocked him on a livestream “oh you voted for Trump.”

But the worst perpetrator violence was the hate group ANTIFA.  ANTIFA demonstrated at many conservative events, with hundreds, if not thousands of physical assaults in the name of tolerance.  Or something.

Where was the Southern Poverty Law Center then?

In fact the SPLC recently refused to condemn ANTIFA as a hate group!  Unlike The Family Research Council who politely disagrees with the LGBT agenda, the SPLC deems them a hate group.  You can’t make this up.

Basically the reasoning is:  If you agree with liberal politics, you can do anything you want.  But if you disagree, you’re a hate group.

This is not objective analysis.  This is bias.

Anyone who quotes the SPLC as a credible source is duped.  Any news source who quotes SPLC as a credible source is likely fake news themselves.

This hateful smear-campaigns of the SPLC are not benign.  In 2012, a man attempted to enter the Family Research Council and commit a mass shooting.  Luckily, he was stopped after injuring one person.  Later the attacker said he was influenced by the SPLC’s characterization of The Family Research Council as a hate group.

SPLC is not stopping hate, they are inspiring it.  They are themselves a hate group.  Attempting to destroy anybody who doesn’t agree with their politics with slander under the false pretense of objectivity.

8.  The View

Speaking of operating under the false pretense of objectivity…

Is there a worse show on television than The View?

The View markets itself to women as a mainstream middle of the road show.  It should be obvious they are not.  But some don’t realize it.

These women act like their opinions are foregone conclusions.  And this is the problem with extreme partisans  They don’t understand other people’s point of view.  This show should not be called The View, it should be called “One Point of View.”  Sure, they stick a token conservative on that they can knock around like a pinata for an hour.  Try to bully her until her period syncs up with theirs.  After they’ve abused her enough, they toss her in the dumpster like some Jeffrey Epstein child sex slave.

The bias was clearly shown by the View’s most recent flub about Russia.  An ABC producer interrupted the show to hand Joy Behar a note:

theview fake news

The note card said that CANDIDATE Trump instructed Michael Flynn to contact Russians.  This would indicate possible collusion.  The problem is, it was fake news.  It was PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump who allegedly instructed Flynn to contact the Russians after the election.  Which is not collusion.

The View was handed bad information.  I get that.  That wasn’t their fault.

But they were so happy!
It’s surprising confetti and balloons didn’t fall from the rafters.

But why would Joy Behar need to celebrate?  Obviously Trump colluded with Russia (in her mind).  Because they’ve been reported as if Trump did for the entire year.  So why does evidence of possible collusion matter if the case has already been proven?

Because it hasn’t been proven!  It’s totally made-up  That’s why she’s celebrating what she thinks is a discovery of evidence.

The View was forced to enter a retraction the next day.  They didn’t even apologize!  Joy Behar wouldn’t admit it was fake news!

She claimed it wasn’t fake because Brian Ross probably just made a mistake and mistakes aren’t fake news.  Hmmm, it’s weird that all these “mistakes” just happen to be critical of Republicans.  I don’t recall any “mistake” negative stories about Obama.

7.  Jimmy Kimmel

The late night host decided to talk more about politics in 2017.  Giving long monologues about the Republican healthcare reform and Las Vegas shooting.  Jimmy has a son with health issues.  And he is from Las Vegas.  So I can understand these issues are close to Jimmy’s heart.

The problem is that Jimmy is all heart.  Not much understanding.  It seems as if he regurgitates fake news he’s heard in his fishbowl.

Facts are stubborn things.  They don’t bend to a person’s sphere of influence.  After Jimmy was criticized over the mistakes in his healthcare monologue, he admitted he wasn’t an expert.

Then why are you talking as if you are?  That’s like an algebra student trying to teach a calculus class.  Why try to inform others when you don’t know the issue?  You’ll likely misinform people.

This was particularly egregious after the Las Vegas shooting.  Almost nothing Kimmel said in his tear-filled monologue about guns was true.  None of the proposed “solutions” Kimmel wanted would have stopped any mass shooting in American history.  Ben Shapiro rebutted with facts very well here:

6.  New York Times

Trump Tweeted in March that Obama wiretapped him during the election.  The New York Times and other fake news media went berserk.

They defending Obama, saying Trump had no evidence of wiretapping (you’ve had no evidence of Russia collusion, that didn’t stop you)

The thing was, The New Times and other outlets had previously reported Trump was wiretapped!

The media excused this double-standard by nitpicking definitions of words.

No NYT, Trump didn’t literally mean Obama installed wiretaps like a cable guy.  Trump didn’t mean it was literal wiretaps.  He obviously meant any kind of surveillance.  And I think it’s fair to say Trump didn’t mean surveillance of  just him, but also surveillance of his campaign.   All of which happened and was reported widely by the media not 2 months earlier

The New York Times reported that surveillance had been done.  And they reported that before Obama left office, he changed the rules so to allow the NSA and other agencies to share information amongst themselves.  The NSA already surveils every American including Trump.  This rule change was likely done to share past surveillance done by the NSA on Trump with other agencies.

It seems like the NYT had a kneejerk reaction to Trump’s tweet.  But forgot what they had previously reported and totally contradicted themselves.

5.  Democrats on Social Media

Everyday Democrats are the largest source of fake news by sheer numbers.  They may not be originating the fake news, but they support fake news and sometimes perpetuate it.

I often question Democrats on social media about the contradictions in their positions.  They almost never answer.

That is not scientific.

The scientific process is:

Start with a hypothesis.  Try to disprove it.  If you can disprove it, then accept that it’s not true.

For example a Democrat might reason this way:

1.  (Raw Data)  “Paul Manifort had business dealings in Russia years ago.”
2.  (Analysis of Data)  “Russia is bad.  Dealing with Russia is bad.  Therefore Manifort is a bad guy.”
3.  (Hypothesis)  “So of course he colluded with Russia to win the election because he’s a bad guy and probably had the opportunity.”

Wait what?  Lots of question marks in the hypothesis there.
Challenge the hypothesis.  Russia is a mix of good and bad like every country.  Doing business dealings with Russia is not bad.  Manifort is questionable, that is true.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean he or Trump colluded with Russian intelligence to steal an election.

Further data and analysis (that the media almost never mentions):  There is no evidence that Manifort or anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  Even after a year.
Wikileaks said Russia was not their source.  They said DNC staffer Seth Rich was the leaker.  Wikileaks has a 10 year record of never falsifying information.
Hillary staffers wrote in a tell-all book that Hillary campaign manager John Podesta and staffer Robby Mook invented the Russia narrative the day after the election.

So it appears obvious that the Russian hypothesis is a scam by Democrat politicians and the media..

This is how scientific analysis works. A recent poll showed that 35% of Americans still believe the Russia/Trump collusion theory.  They didn’t do the analysis.  Or they weren’t given the raw data to do the analysis with.  Because the media is attempting to bury information that doesn’t support the narrative they want people to believe.

This is why the media can’t be trusted.  (A good list of alternative sources to the mainstream media are at the very bottom of the article)

Listen to all sides of an issue. Then weigh all the analysis objectively.  This will make a person wiser and stronger and less prone to be fooled by fake news.

4.  NFL

More NFL players decided to kneel for the national anthem in 2017.  It is disrespectful to the flag, anthem, military and our country.

But what the players are protesting is a fake news bogeyman.

Presumably the players are protesting what they see as perceived racism against black people by police.  The police brutality narrative was started by fake news media when in 2014 they sensationalized the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Some media outlet’s reported that Michael Brown had surrendered and had his hands up when officer Darren Wilson shot him.  This inspired the slogan “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”:

Some NFL players bought into the narrative:

Image result for hands up don't shoot

Problem was that it was false.  Michael Brown didn’t have his hands up.  He was attacking the officer and trying to grab his gun.  The players above were fooled.

The same thing is happening now with the NFL kneelers.  There is no systematic attempt to oppress black people by police.  Why do players think so?  Because the media has sensationalized a number of stories to perpetuate a false narrative.  The media never gives the facts about the overall context.  Here are the facts:

– White people are shot more often per interaction with the police than black people.  Why aren’t those cases blown up by the media?  Doesn’t support the narrative they are promoting.
– Black people do have more interactions with cops.  But that is because black people commit more crime.  Young black men ages 18 – 35 are about 3% of the population, but commit almost 50% of all crimes.

Of course police will pay more attention to any group who has that amount of disproportionate crime.

If Asian grandmothers committed 75% of the crime in America, they would be most watched too.

It’s not a race thing, it’s a crime thing.

Maybe these players don’t know these facts.

But regardless, the fake news perpetuated by the kneelers is dangerous because it has caused the murder rates to increase, especially in black areas.

Criminologists call it”The Ferguson Effect”.

Police saw how officer Darren Wilson was vilified by the press.  Police saw the same thing happen in similar cases.  This witch hunt has had a chilling effect on officers, especially in black neighborhoods.  They don’t want to be labeled as racist.  Even if they are innocent, the media will likely assume their guilt.

So officers are more hesitant to stop crime, especially in black neighborhoods.  Because of this, the crime and murder rates in black neighborhoods have skyrocketed since Ferguson.  Creating an environment where thousands of more black people have been murdered.

So a protest to stop black people being murdered has actually increased the amount of black people being murdered!

Image result for jack black gif shallow hal

The players are likely unaware of The Ferguson Effect.  The media doesn’t tell them.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said “Our players have a very deep understanding and tremendous knowledge of the issues that are going on.”

No, they perpetuate fake news that has gotten more people killed.

3.  Rachel Maddow

It took 30 years for someone to top Geraldo Rivera’s report about Al Capone’s vault.  Geraldo opened Capone’s vault on live television to see what was inside.  There was nothing.  That’s similar to Rachel Maddow’s unveiling of Trump’s tax returns.

Rachel Maddow found the elusive Trump tax returns (From 2005).  She built it up on social media like it was a bombshell.  But when she displayed the return, it showed Trump did nothing wrong.  In fact he paid a ton in taxes.  At least Geraldo can say he didn’t know what was in Al Capone’s vault.  Maddow had time to review the return, I don’t understand why she hyped it.

That was not the only time Maddow acted strangely in 2017.  When 4 American green beret’s were ambushed and killed in Niger, Maddow blamed Trump.  Because he had recently put Chad on the travel ban list.  According to Maddow, the ban caused Chadian soldiers who were fighting ISIS to leave Niger (I don’t know why) leaving US soldiers vulnerable somehow.  Evidence?  Don’t ask for evidence you bigot.  Even though US soldiers were 800 miles away from Chadian soldiers.

What’s more, according to Maddow, Trump created a controversy on purpose when he said to the wife of one of the deceased green berets “he knew what he signed up for.”  Trump did that to avoid talking about the ambush itself.  What is he hiding!

In late Feb – March, Maddow devoted 53% of her airtime to the Russia conspiracy theory.  Only one show in all of March did not lead with Russia.  It helped her ratings, her show is the highest rated cable news show on a non-Foxnews station.

Maddow makes up stories based on loosely related or completely unrelated facts.  She’s like the JK Rowling of talk show news.  I guess that’s one way to go.

2.  FBI

This probably should be number 1 based on how corrupt our FBI has operated in the last 2 years.  A rundown of some of the facts:

– Bill Clinton influenced AG Loretta Lynch not to prosecute Hillary Clinton for the e-mail scandal.
– AG Loretta Lynch asked then FBI director Jim Comey not to recommend prosecution for Hillary to give Lynch cover.
– Jim Comey testified that Hillary lied repeatedly under oath.  He also testified that she was guilty of all charges against her.  But that he did not recommend prosecution because they could not prove “intent”.   Trey Gowdy said he’s never seen a negligence case require intent.  Does a husband intent to forget your wife’s birthday?  Then when she complains about it, the husband says “I didn’t intend to be negligent”.  And she says “oh well I guess it’s ok then.”  No.
–  Deep state operative and Democrat Peter Strzok ran the e-mail investigation interview of Hillary Clinton.  He kept it off the record and did not put Hillary under oath.  This was also out of the ordinary.
– As opposed to Peter Strzok’s interview of Michael Flynn.  Michael Flynn was caught lying about something unrelated to what was being investigated.  Flynn has been charged with perjury.
– Hillary confidants Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were also caught lying to Peter Strzok during the e-mail investigations.  They however, were not charged with perjury.
– Recently uncovered texts between Peter Sctrzok and mistress FBI agent Lisa Page show they plotted to use their positions in the FBI to help Hillary win the election.
– Uncovered texts also show that Acting FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe had a “contingency plan” to keep Trump out of office.  McCabe has recently announced he will retire.
– FBI paid Fusion GPS to come up with a fake dossier alleging Trump hired Russian hookers to pee on a hotel room bed the Obama’s slept in.
– FBI used this fake dossier to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump.
– Despite rampant corruption of Peter Sctrzok and others, nobody has been fired except Jim Comey.  That was by Trump, not by leadership in the FBI.
– There was no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but the FBI started an investigation anyway.  Do the police investigate random citizens for crimes for no reason.  Of course not.  Investigations are started because of evidence, not to find evidence.

The FBI has been compromised.  Key FBI agents misrepresented the Hillary e-mail investigation to the public, helped her avoid indictment and prosecution in an attempt to help her win the election.  The FBI also attempted to smear Trump with Russia and are still attempting to do so.  Despite having no evidence.

1.  CNN

How could it be anyone else?  The mother of all fake news.

CNN was busted twice for knowingly peddling the Russian fake news narrative.  First time was when a producer admitted on hidden camera that the story was BS and that he thought CNN was doing it for money.

Image result for cnn russia bs undercover

Leading contributor Van Jones was also caught on hidden camera saying Russia collusion was a “nothingburger”.

Image result for cnn russia van jones undercover nothingburger

Basically CNN has done everything all of these other groups on the list have done.

–  pose as objective news while being almost exclusively negative towards Trump.
–  characterize anyone who disagree with them as evil.

–  misreport the facts about the issues.  Bury facts or stories that don’t support their narratives.  Blow facts out of proportion they think supports their narratives.
–  engage in double-standards of political convenience.

– play on racial sensitivities to divide people.
– paper over Hillary and other Democrats crimes and attempt to create controversies to accuse Republicans.

All the news is fake, now what?

So what is a person to do?  Are all the mainstream media outlets dishonest fake news?


Think about where the money goes.

– Washington Post is owned by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.  Why?  What does a newspaper have to do with Amazon?
– The New York Times is owned in part by Mexican telecom Billionaire Carlos Slim.  What does the New York Times have to do with Mexico or the telecom business?
– Billionaire George Soros has his tentacles in all kinds of media operations.

6 corporations control 90% of the media:

I don’t know if there is some big conspiracy linking all these global elites together.  But all of these rich elites seem to be reading off the same script.

This constant drumbeat of false narratives fools Americans.

However, consider the raw data:
– The American economy is doing better this year than the last 8 years
– ISIS has had 98% of its territory taken away.

What is bad about that?

Because conservatives want a wall to end illegal immigration and to thoroughly vet or stop Muslim immigration?  That’s bad?
Only a few short years ago Hillary, Obama and Bill Clinton were saying similar things.

What has changed?  The media has changed.  Perpetuating a narrative of mass migration of people from 3rd world countries into western nations.
Because those people are cheap labor.  That makes the rich richer.  Makes the poor poor.  And immigrants from 3rd world countries are easier to control.  It concentrates power in the hands of a few.  Those few can be bought off by rich people and corporations.  It’s not about what’s best for the average American.  It’s about what’s best for the rich and powerful.

But we still have a democracy.  The 99% outnumbers the elite in voting power.  So the elite must resort to manipulations.  They do this by pumping out fake news.

Get out of this bubble Neo!  Red pill.

There are some excellent news sources on YouTube that are entirely free, honest, well thought out and not under corporate control.  Here are a few:

Stefan Molyneax
The Justicar
Roaming Millennial
Lauren Southern

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