To Save Time, Corey Booker Advises Donors to Flush Money Directly Down the Toilet

October 2019

Presidential candidate Corey Booker took to Twitter yesterday to advise supporters to insert future donations directly into the toilet.

Turns out the “Get Woke Go Broke” trend applies to politicians too, not just to companies like Gillette and Nike.   Booker’s campaign is on the verge of being out of cash.

Booker is almost out of support as well, polling at 0%.

“It’s weird” said Booker, “I’ve said everything Hollywood says is moral and good.  It’s almost as if the public doesn’t respect the moral dictates of attention whores, pedophiles and drug addicts or something.”

Corey is right, no candidate has followed the media’s/Hollywood’s righteous decrees more closely than Booker.  Booker hasn’t been afraid of calling out fellow Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard when their crimes against wokeness became known.  He even suggested that Tulsi be forced to wear a scarlet “U” on her chest to symbolize her “Unwokeness”.  That, like most of Booker’s other thoughts, didn’t seem to resonate with the audience.

Article is satire.   


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