Mexican man chides “Republican” politician for anti-Trump stance

Two points:

1.  This man accuses Republican politician of criticizing Trump to cover her own butt.  Accuses her of doing it simply to avoid the charge or racism, islamaphobe or anti-woman.

I don’t know if this is true or not, I don’t even know who this man is criticizing or her record.  But I suspect this criticism is valid for many Trump critics.

It’s time to stop the game-playing.  Stop bowing down to political correctness.  The only time politicians will stop political correctness is when they stop getting rewarded for it.  And when people that speak frankly like Donald Trump start getting rewarded for it.  That’s when political correctness will go away.

2.  I was on a message board a few months back talking about Trump and his comments about Mexicans.  There were many Mexicans posting on the message board.  I expected most or all to be furiously anti-Trump and dropping race cards everywhere.

But I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t happening.  Oh sure, there were a few.  However when I started engaging with the Mexicans who were posting, I found most to be very reasonable and even-handed.  Some even supported Trump.

Democrats and the media like to treat Mexicans as a dumb voting block they can manipulate with phony calls of racism.  But I don’t think Democrats give Mexicans enough credit to be able to see through that charade.

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