Surprise? Hillary Wins?

Wikileaks Clinton

Wikileaks recently released 20,000 hacked e-mails from the Democratic National Committee.

The e-mails showed what Bernie Sanders and his supporters suspected:  The DNC was not impartial in this primary election.   They actively helped Hillary Clinton win.

E-mails show DNC staffers discussing advancing negative narratives about Sanders.  Narratives that questioned his Jewish religion and the organization of his campaign.  Neither narratives were true.

Other e-mails showed the DNC helping Hillary raise funds for her campaign.  No such efforts were made for Bernie or other candidates.

Campaign money that Hillary used to campaign against Bernie.

One e-mail showed the DNC’s awareness of a Clinton super Pac paying fake trolls online to push back against Bernie supporters on social media.

Bernie Hillary

Bernie Sanders expressed concern over the superdelegate process:  “We need to also make sure that superdelegates do not live in a world of their own but reflect, reflect, the views of the people in their own states.”  But that’s pretty much what did happen.

Superdelegates are delegates who can vote any way they choose regardless of election results.  They include every Democratic member of congress.  Many democratic governors, party elites, even some corporate lobbyists are superdelegates.  Why did virtually ever superdelegate vote for Hillary?  Because she is an insider that will do things in a way that benefits them?  Because Hillary made backroom deals with them?

Would not be the first time.  Hillary had no problem making shady deals with Russia and middle east countries as secretary of state in exchange for donations to The Clinton Foundation.  A phony money laundering charity that operates like an arm of her campaign.  If she’s willing to do that, why would she not be willing to make deals with superdelegates?   There was likely a few backscratching sessions.  While Bernie got backstabbed.

Even election fraud was alleged.  In California, Bernie had been gaining in the primary for months.  Polling showed he was 2.5 points behind Clinton a day before the election.  He lost by 12.5 points.  Usually the surging candidate does better than expected, not far worse.  Odd.

Whether or not the California primary or other primaries were rigged, Bernie did not get a fair and honest election by any stretch as the hacked e-mails confirmed.

Bernie Hillary

But the DNC did fire chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, so all is fine now.  Oh wait, Hillary just hired her for the campaign.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.

If people’s votes are going to be circumvented in this way,  why even have a primary?  It was a big show. Bernie didn’t have a chance.


Democratic Superdelegates: Hillary’s Safety Net, Bernie’s Demise


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