Social Media Scorches Progressive Hypocrisy Post Election

If nothing else has shed light on progressive hypocrisy, it is the post-election protests of people who are supposedly against hate:


Nothing says love like flag-burning and destruction of property.

How about calls to rape Melania Trump?  Those people who carry the banner of women empowerment again attacking women with whom they disagree in the worst and most degrading ways.  (Also see the treatment of Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter).

Their love is conditional.  Conditional on people joining their ideological brand.

“I will love and respect you…… if you agree with me about everything.  If not, I will viciously attack you.”  That’s not love.  That’s bullying.

That’s what the left attempts to do.  But the people saw through it in this last election.  It’s why despite the media wall-to-wall anti-Trump narrative, Trump still obtained victory.

People are becoming wise to the progressive bully tactics and they don’t like it.

People don’t like to be called racist, sexist, hateful, misogynist..  They don’t like to be accused of having a clinical mental/emotional disorder, a “phobia” because of a moral line they draw in the sand about sexual behaviors.  Or because of their recognition of extremist elements in a religion.

At least some people on the left are honest enough to admit that these tactics are disrespectful and simple not true.  As this rant by left-leaning pundit Jonathan Pie says very well (explicit language).  This video has been watched almost 100 million times.  Pertinent quotes:

“not everyone who voted for Trump is a sexist or a racist……………… when will we learn that the key is discussion? ….. but instead of persuading people to vote…….. the left has decided that any other opinion, any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable.  We don’t debate anymore…   ‘if you’re on the right you’re a freak.  You’re evil, you’re racist, you’re a basket of deplorables.’  How do you think people are going to vote when you treat them like that?!  When has anyone been persuaded by being insulted or labeled?  …..  Every time someone on the left says “you mustn’t say that”, they are contributing to this culture.  ………. it’s time to stop banning people from speaking at universities…….  if my man-spaining is ‘triggering’ you…. you can engage and debate me and tell me what I’m getting wrong……..being offended doesn’t work anymore!  Throwing insults doesn’t work anymore!  ……… all you have to do is engage in the debate, talk to people who think differently to you and persuade them of your argument.  It’s so easy, and the left have lost the art.  Stop thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is evil or sexist or racist or stupid, and persuade them otherwise!”

Good for Jonathan Pie for advocating for civility and honesty.  He is quite right to advocate for the left to ditch the mud-slinging tactics in favor of intellectual debate.

But he doesn’t understand why the left has abandoned the debate.  It’s because it’s a debate they don’t win.  Progressive ideology, while nice sounding, only really benefits the elites in society.  Which is why the elites like it.  It’s why most of the elites in this election opposed Donald Trump.  Elite progressives will not win an intellectual debate.   That’s why they don’t do it.  “Well if they lose, why not admit they lost and change their ideology to a superior one?”  That’s what they should do.  But they all get paid not to.  College professors get job security from progressive policies.  Media elites get job security as their bosses are progressive.  Democratic politicians (and some Republican ones) get more power to buy votes through progressive policies.  Giving them job security.  Rich billionaire donors gets to influence public policy in ways that make them richer.  It’s a lot about the money.  Not about truth, right or wrong, or what’s best for America.

But for the average person on the street, they are manipulated into progressive ‘thought’.  The media convinces them of certain things and they repeat it like sheep.  For example, calling Trump racist over and over until people accept it.  Then when the accusation is challenged, people usually don’t know why they said it.  Because it was never a substantive disagreement, it was what the media brainwashed them into saying.

“Oh but he called all Mexican’s rapists”

Good example.  He did not call all Mexicans rapists.  He called the Mexicans who rape the 80% of Mexican women who get raped on the way to illegally cross the border, he called those rapists, rapists.  That’s who he was referring to.  That’s not racism, that’s anti-rapism.  Maybe women’s right advocates should join him on that one if they weren’t too busy being hypocrites all day.

So the most common backup proving Trump is a racist doesn’t prove racism at all as shown.   It proved not only is he not racist, but he wants to protect American women and children from getting raped.  How horrible!

“Oh but his business was sued for discriminating against blacks in the 70’s”

The government did sue him and many other landlords in New York at the time for discriminatory housing practices.

What else is true is that in the 70’s is that black people moving into neighborhoods lowered property values and lowered rents.

That’s just the facts.  A landlord who doesn’t want their property value or rents going down?  Shocking!

Trump did not admit guilt, he settled out of court with the government, but let’s assume one of his buildings did do this.  The motive was money, not racism.

Trump also owned a semi-professional football team at one point.  Most of the players were black.  Is that racist against white, Mexican and Asians?  No. His motivation was money, not racism.  Same thing.

What is true is that Trump has hired many minorities to work in lower, middle or upper managements in his companies, it doesn’t matter to him what race someone is.  It matters if they can do a job.  To make his businesses run better and make him money.  Judging people on “content of character” as Martin Luther King Jr. said to do.

But those things were never explained to people.  It was all buzzwords and propaganda by the media.   Programming people on how to react to different stimuli, ideas and people.

The media manipulated people. The media is so killed at it, people think they came up with those thoughts on their own!  No, these narratives were fed to them like sheep.

Through snarky late night comedians.  Through emotional pleas of actors.  Through playing on racial sensitivities with false narratives like “hands up don’t shoot” that never happened.  Through overplaying very rare incidents of cop vs black person shootings (most of which show no wrongdoing), while simultaneously burying the 100x worse problem of black-on-black crime.  Through forcing college students to sit through droning professors and having their grade and financial future depend on their submission to the teachers ideology.  Through all of the above.  They did that people.  The indoctrination campaign worked on some people as it has for 20 – 30 years or more.

The unaware and isolated fell victim to it.  And made themselves look like fools because they falsely put their trust in dishonest liberal sources.

As this black man says so well in the video below:

“You abandoned principle, morals and everything you stand for….. you supported a criminal, war hungry, 1%-er …… you proved to everyone that there exists no type of politician that’s too corrupt or too evil for you to support.  Because in the end, you will settle for anything just to have your feelings legitimized …..  You.. the media… corporate elites, everyone, you’ve all been exposed for having no sense of principle or honor.”

Hillary supporters followed the lead of those 1%-er liberal elites.  They said things that were not true, were double-standards, abandoned honesty, objectivity and morality, for what?  For the good pleasure of the 1%-er liberal elites who wanted them to.  What did those footsoldiers get?  Egg on their face.  Total loss of credibility among their honest friends who witnessed their bad behavior.

Like Pinocchio’s friends, the average person was lured into it through nice sounding narratives.  But the integrity they gave up turned them into donkey’s.  Whom the media has coerced to their own shame.


This kind of media manipulation is running even thinner as people wake up to so many falsehoods they’ve been coaxed into believing.

As the video at the bottom explains.  (Very explicit, this British man pulls no punches.  Pertinent quotes below are cleaned up):

“The mainstream media is so far out of touch with reality that it is simply not worth paying attention to anymore…..  The mainstream media is becoming irrelevant.  …It is progressivism that has been co-opted by the ideology of social justice that ….. has encouraged them to think they can consider themselves to be morally superior to the people they disagree with and therefore they don’t have to listen to the people they disagree with.   They think they can pick and choose their own facts.  To craft their own narratives.  As if this is in any way a representative of reality……. the ideologues, after ignoring everything that’s going on….have misrepresented what was going on……  are doubling down of their failures.  Reality has demonstrated to them they are frauds, they are liars, they are corrupt, they collude, they are nothing more than propaganda pieces for an ideological position and they probably don’t even know it!  I don’t think they’re even capable of admitting this to themselves.   But there are some liberals left in the left who are saying “Hillary voters owe it to America to stop calling people Nazi’s, and start reading wikileaks’.    My Facebook news feed is somehow still filled with people who want to blame Trump’s election on a nationwide collusion of clan members and male supremacists…… if you still believe Donald Trump was elected because of racism, it is because you have remained willfully ignorant of what has been happening in your country.  You still believe that Donald Trump’s election is indicative of a neo-fascist uprising in America, it is because you have not ventured outside of your self-re-enforcing validation loop of fellow Clinton voters and corporate media echo-chamber.  If you still days later think that Hillary Clinton’s loss is the fault of anyone else other than Hillary Clinton and her supporters, it’s because you haven’t been reading wikileaks.

The people that supported Hillary Clinton need to stop calling people racist long enough to do some actual research into the facts and figure out where they went wrong in 2016.  Humble themselves and admit they have been completely wrong about everything because they have…… you have to leave your ideology behind you.  It has failed to give you an accurate model of reality, therefore the ideology itself is inadequate.  You have to discard it.

Just so we’re clear, Democrats do not get to blame wikileaks on a subversive Cremlin conspiracy anymore.  Julian Assange has confirmed he didn’t receive the documents from Russia, ……. the concocted ‘blame Putin for everything’ schtick has already faded into obsolescence …

but they have to understand it is the ideology that led them here.  This is the sort of ideology that has led people to become serial and perpetual liars.

….. you were absolutely wrong on everything.  On everything, you were the Don Quixote’s of the left … that everywhere there are windmills you are seeing enemies and you are attacking everything.  Because you just don’t see reality.

So let’s carry on to how you are just liars, progressives are just liars.  You do nothing but lie constantly.  Constantly, you are pathological liars.  You’re always doing it.

Do you remember when Donald Trump said that he wouldn’t just outright accept the results of the election?  Because frankly, Hillary isn’t a trustworthy candidate.  It’s entirely likely that she will try to rig the election.  She didn’t, or at least she didn’t manage it because Trump won.  But once again, the Hillary Clinton progressives…: “Donald Trump doesn’t respect democracy!  Donald Trump is going to undermine democracy!  Ahhh it’s the end of the republic!”  Oh really?  How are your protests going exactly?  Is this you not accepting the results of the election or something?  I mean, this is how the system works, I’m sorry if the electoral college just isn’t in your favor this time, but you weren’t complaining last time, and if you’d won, you wouldn’t be complaining about the electoral college.  Especially if it had been Trump winning the popular vote and Hillary winning the electoral college.  You wouldn’t raise your voices, you wouldn’t raise a finger arguing against it…  Especially end these petitions.  Oh again, this is you accepting the decision of the vote, just like you complained Donald wouldn’t, isn’t it?  4 million idiots who literally don’t care about your democratic process.  4 million of them.  Oh no no no, but it’s voting for Donald Trump that has made the republic end? … It’s not 4 million anti-democratic advocates.  I mean, why do you think you’re signing a petition to overthrow the referendum of the result?  That is what the voting was you morons.  That is what the system was for, to petition the government from the people to put a new government into power that represents the will of the people.  As your system says this is how it’s done.  That is what you’ve done already, signing a petition, and after Hillary has already conceded is stupid and just makes it look like you are hypocrites.  Because you appear to be.

When I say you have failed, it is because of your ideology.  It has failed to represent reality to you…. It has turned you into terrible people.  Pathological liars and hypocrites …

There has been a manifest and catagoric failure of progressivism in every sphere that it has operated in. … Right down to the very core of it, right down to the very thing it purports to stand for.

Your identity politics is bull.  It doesn’t work.  It only represents a depraved, twisted, cabal of lying, hypocrites.  That is what everyone outside of your echo-chamber thinks of you

Your ideology is broken.  And when the evidence is presenting to you, you can’t accept it, you have to place the blame on other people.

This is it, this is the apex we have been building to.  So take a good long look in the mirror this morning and instead of blaming others for this “nightmare we have woken up to”, no, we’ve chosen, make an active choice today.  The buck stops with you.

They don’t seem to understand any of this.  Even when their manifest failures are staring them right in the face, they cannot accept reality.”

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