“Russian Hacking” Tales Expose Hypocritical Left. Again.


Oh really Obama!  HAHA  What a liar he’s been for 8 years, just another example here.

Now Obama and Hillary and the usual suspects in fake news, The Washington Post and New York Times, blame Russia for “hacking the election!”  HAHA

How did Russia hack the election exactly?

Not by hacking any voting machines that phrases like “hack the election” would misleadingly imply.  Which is likely the intend of those phrasing it that way.

By terms like “election hacking”, the fake news purveyors really mean that the e-mails of the DNC and John Podesta were hacked and released to the public.  And that it damaged Hillary’s campaign.

How about the information itself was damaging!  Why aren’t you blaming that???

meme Hillary
So let me get this straight:  You say an election was “hacked” because someone spread bad information about you but not the other party?

Now you know how Republicans feel about their treatment from the media for the last 50 years!  HAHAHA.  Irony alert!

So I guess we can now make void the elections of Obama and Bill Clinton?  You know, since pretty much the entirety of the media, Hollywood and school system jockeyed for them and trashed Republicans.  So that’s a “hack of an election” too right?

Oh no?  Oh, so in one election one small sliver of information, leaked or hacked e-mails is outside of your favor, but that’s a reason to call the election hacked, rigged and undermine the credibility of the results?

Nevermind that the media largely covered up the leaks themselves.  The media and Hillary don’t deny the credibility of the e-mails leaked!  All they say is that it is unfair they got hacked/leaked in an uneven manner.

Maybe if you secure your e-mails better that wouldn’t happen.  Zing.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo actually tried to guilt and intimidate people to NOT read the leaked e-mails! HAHA  Shameless display of propaganda.

So it’s fine for CNN to have leaked e-mails and read them.  ‘Just trust us, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the e-mails, don’t look at them for yourself.’  So ridiculous.

Or maybe, here is a thought:  Maybe don’t do so many horrible things that the e-mails exposed!  What a concept!  Leaked e-mails showing pay-for-play felony level activity from Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  A scandal buried by the media, one the FBI is still investigating, one which Democrat Pat Caddell called the greatest scandal in history of the United States.

Hillary pay for play

E-mails showing mass collusion with the media to aid Hillary’s campaign.  E-mails showing that some of Hillary’s cohorts are involved with occult satan worship.

spirit cooking

And very weird e-mails raising suspicion that pedophilia may be involved.  Don’t do that stuff!

But no, it’s Russia’s fault, not your own faults for being involved with Satan worship and overwhelming corruption, so much corruption to be honest in the campaign gave me corruption fatigue.

Probably the most corrupt politician of all time.

But no,  that’s not her fault.  No accountability on her part or the part of Democratic elites, they seem incapable.  Instead they make excuses and blame others.

fake news

It’s particularly ridiculous because in the debates Hillary called Trump’s comments that he would “wait and see” if he would accept the election results, “horrifying” and that it was a “threat to our democracy”.  That’s what she’s doing now!

You have to laugh at the shameless hypocrisy as Joe Scarborough couldn’t contain himself in this clip.  Even Mika couldn’t help smirking!

But even the charge that Russia hacked these e-mails is itself scurrilous.  Unnamed CIA personnel allegedly leaking information to Democratic senators, The Washington Post and New York Times.  Not even leaking information, leaking assertions.  Anonymous leakers leaking anonymous information.  Well that’s rock solid!

Further, the allegations that the hacks came from Russia have been challenged by Wikileaks who unlike the CIA has a stellar 10 year record of never falsifying information.  As former British ambassador Craig Murray said:

“Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two.”

Murray said he met the leaker and that he was not Russian!

Nothing here to report except dishonest scapegoating from Democratic elite and fake news mainstream media.

This is not your grandparents Democratic party.  This is a bunch of spoiled, entitled, hypocritical, unscrupulous, dishonorable, unaccountable liars.




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