Nobody Shows Up to “Impeach Trump” Event/George Soros Forgets to Hire Protesters


It’s hard being the muscle behind social unrest.

Sometimes you simply forget to do something.  That was the case with the recent “Impeach Trump” event.  Billionaire George Soros neglected to make a few phone calls.  And whala, protest vanished into thin air.

Regular protest attendee Samuel Marks was asked why he did not attend THIS protest:  “no money, no honey baby.” said Samuel.

Asked if he cared about protesting Trump:  “If it pays, sure!  I protest anything you want.  Why, are you hiring?”

Regina Arnold, George Soros’ vice-president in charge of social manipulation was asked where the miscommunication occurred:  “I don’t know, he normally doesn’t miss many opportunities to spread misinformation and conflict.”

Asked how many protests would end this way without the funding of Soros, Regina said “More than you could imagine haha.”

Obama’s “Organizing for America” was asleep-at-the-wheel on this protest too.  They could not be reached for comment.

This article is satire.  But it is true that George Soros is behind a large amount of radical left-wing activism.


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