NFL Changes All 32 Team Names to “The Sheep”

NFL Protest Kneel National Anthem

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to rename every NFL team “The Sheep”.

Goodell explained, “We wanted a perfect representation of our mentality.  We’re going to go wherever we are led, no questions asked.”

Asked who the league is being “led” by Goodell pondered, “That’s a good question.  I’m not sure.  Whoever is the loudest?  Whoever controls the megaphones, that would be the media I guess. Basically we don’t want any problems with anyone.”

But what about the problems the NFL has with it’s own fans?  Isn’t anthem kneeling causing fans to tune out?

And what about the real-world effect of the anthem kneeling?  Criminologists say the Ferguson riots and the resulting hyper-scrutiny of police caused a “Ferguson effect.”  That is, police backing off of black communities, causing crime and murder rates to spike.  This resulted in hundreds, if not thousands more black people to die.  So in effect, anthem kneeling gets more black people killed.

Goodell responded, “That’s not really our concern.”

Do black lives actually matter?

And what about the fact that black people resist arrest at a rate of 8x that of non-blacks.  Law enforcement experts say resisting arrest is a major causative factor of police force.  Why not advocate for all people to not resist arrest?   Would that not save hundreds, if not thousands of lives?

Goodell was dumbfounded, “Even if I was familiar with the facts you are saying, look what happened to Drew Brees when he made even the mildest attempt to go against anthem kneeling.  He was practically run out of the league.  By his own teammates.  What would happen to me, a person players probably already don’t like?”

It’s a tough position for sure.  Although not tougher than dying because of the Ferguson effect.

Wonder if there is anyone connected to the NFL courageous enough to speak up about the Ferguson effect and resisting arrest rates.  Because that might actually save black lives.

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