#NeverTrumpers Think Trump is Liberal, Except they Don’t

I was having a conversation with a NeverTrump person who was telling me how Trump is a secret liberal.
I challenged him about it. I told him I would bet him money.  If Trump is a secret liberal, then Trump will surely nominate a liberal supreme court justice to replace Scalia. This will happen in the first month, won’t have to wait 4 years to see.
Putting money where people’s mouths are really sobers people up sometimes.
His response was “well the first judge will be conservative, but you can rest assured that judges after that will all be liberal.”
If you can read that response without smiling you’re better than me.

When reasonably intelligent people say ridiculous things like that, it is obvious they are not coming from an even-handed place. He was making something up on the spot based on nothing to appear intellectually consistent. But what was really happening is that he wanted to remain emotionally consistent.  As in, consistently avoiding unpleasant emotions.

This happens for a lot of people.  Trump is a macho guy.  A lot of people have been hurt by macho guys.  The hurts from past macho guys may set up a trigger that Trump sets off for some people.  They may think they are upset at Trump, when more likely it is unresolved pain from the past resurfacing.   This is not a rational reaction. It’s personal issues skewing current perceptions to protect old emotional wounds.

This is also the reason more women have a problem with Trump than men, even conservative women who agree with Trump on most issues.  Because women have more bad experiences with men (husbands, boyfriends, dating, abuse, ect.)   
I’m sorry for people’s pain and trauma.  I hate when men abuse people too, especially when they abuse women.

But projecting past pains onto Trump is not the way to resolve the trauma.  It is like a pathological coping mechanism.

Maybe they have pathological disease. (What Trump said about Carson in one of the debates)

Pathological Carson Trump
But something about the possibility of people losing money snaps them out of this escape mode real quick.  Money is a stronger motivator for most people than avoiding emotional pain.

Challenge your #NeverTrump friends in this same way, see what happens.  (Or if you are considering NeverTrump, challenge yourself).  Make the bet specific to the first judge nomination, to stay away from subjective evaluations.  The bet is whether or not Trump will nominate a judge more conservative than Kagen, Sotomeyer and Ginsberg.

There are only 3 ways the NeverTrump person can respond:

“I do think Trump will nominate a conservative judge”  – Then they should vote for him.
“I don’t know if Trump will nominate a conservative judge or not” – Then they should still vote for him.  A positive possibility is better than a negative certainty.
“No, Trump will nominate a liberal judge”  – Then they must make the bet to remain consistent.
If they aren’t willing to bet, they are proving that their anti-Trump position is phony posturing.  Likely to avoid unpleasant emotions because of their own personal issues.

People need to deal with their issues on their own time and leave that baggage outside the voting booth.  We have a country to think about.

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