NeverTrump Moral Dilemma

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Some NeverTrump conservatives are STILL on the fence about supporting Trump.  They claim that their decision is for moral reasons.  But when it’s broken down, the decision to not support Trump is immoral.

“But you are the one who is immoral!  You are supporting someone who said nasty things about women and cheated on his wives!”

I grant that Trump has done or said some immoral things in his personal life.  I do not approve of those things.

But NeverTrump people are much worse.


Because they would stand idly by and allow much worse things to happen than anything Trump has ever done.

For example, Hillary wants a 550% increase in Syrian refugees.  The same type of immigrants who have caused a rape crisis in Europe. In addition to increased crime, terrorism and burden on social welfare programs.

So which is worse?  Trump committing adultery?  Or thousands of American women being raped?  Possible terror attacks?

Obviously the scale is not close, allowing all those bad things to happen, is much worse than Trump’s cheating.

It’s not moral to sit on the sidelines and allow Hillary to enact policy that leads to that.  Meaning, it’s immoral to not vote for Trump (A 3rd party vote is also immoral, no 3rd party candidate has a chance to win.  It has the same affect as not voting.  Which is immoral).

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That’s only one issue.

What about an even more important issue?  Abortion.  650,000 babies are aborted in America per year.  Trump has proposed 20 pro-life judges as Supreme Court nominees.  In a 4 – 8 year presidency, he may have the chance to nominate enough judges to overturn roe v wade.  Potentially saving millions of human lives.  As opposed to Hillary who would nominate far left judges who would not overturn roe v wade, continuing the elimination of millions of human lives likely for decades.

But you would sit idly by and allow the mass murder of millions when you could have done something to stop it?  But you didn’t?

But Trump is the immoral one?

Millions being put to death vs adultery.  Is it even close in scale?  No.  Acting in a way that enables the destruction of millions of human lives.  That is millions of times more immoral.

For this reason alone every pro-life person should be enthusiastically and passionately supporting Trump.

This is the chance to stop the worst atrocity in American history.  5x more human beings have been killed by abortion in the last 45 years than were killed during the holocaust.  60 million babies.

But when it comes to doing something about it, a pro-life person would consider sitting out on the sidelines?

That is the least moral choice one can make.  You may as well put on surgical gloves and hand abortion doctors their tools during an abortion procedure.

Now I’ll take a second to give people an out.

Maybe people haven’t thought it through like this.  They were feeling some kind of way.   Maybe a lot of things.

You haven’t done anything yet.  You still have a chance to do the right thing.  Which is vote Trump. A vote for Trump is not an endorsement of everything he’s ever said or done.  A vote for Trump is a vote to support unborn babies.  A vote to protect women.  A vote for conservative SCOTUS judges.  A vote for law and order.  (and many many other important issues I didn’t mention that hang in the balance).

You still have the chance to make the moral choice.

Does not mean you have to agree with everything Trump has said or done in his life.  That’s what the media wants to distract you with so that you won’t vote.  So that Hillary will win and then they can advance their liberal agenda.  Don’t get tricked by it.  Voting Trump means you understand a future with him as president is likely much better than a future with Hillary.  That’s all

Do it for yourself. For your family.  For your friends.  For country.  For God.  To anything you hold dear and good in the world.

God bless you, God bless America.

Trump/Pence 2016.

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