#NeverTrump harming Ted Cruz

Glenn Beck

One of the oddest political hashtags in recent memory has been the #NeverTrump hashtag.   Not just a pro-Cruz statement or anti-Trump statement, but an extreme commitment to never support someone in ones own party.

Here is why this Neverhelped and actually hurts Ted Cruz:

1.  This hashtag is done mainly by Cruz supporters.  It is an irrational hashtag.  When the alternative is Hillary Clinton a conservative should not be ruling out any Republicans.  There will only be 2 viable options on the primary ballet.  When someone locks themselves into putting the Republican candidate in the “never” category, they are basically turning themselves into a Hillary operative.  For someone to do that who is opposed to everything Hillary stands for?  It’s looks silly.  It’s embarrassing, it’s like a man being forced to wear women’s clothes because he lost a bet.  And it paints Ted Cruz in a similarly embarrassing way by association.

Cruz NeverTrump

2. The election of Hillary Clinton would almost certainly mean amnesty for between 10 – 30 million illegal immigrants.  And the importation of Syrian refugees as well as more Muslims in general.  These groups block vote for Democrats.  How do Cruz supporters expect that this will help Cruz win a future presidential election?  Cruz is only 45 years old.  He will likely be the Republican nominee in a future election. Cruz supporters choosing to make the electorate more like California or New York in no way benefits Cruz’s future presidential chances.

I can’t believe i have to ask this, but are these NeverTrump people actually moles meant to hurt Cruz?  Short term they are making Cruz look silly and irrational.  Long term they are supporting a stacked blue deck against Cruz.  This is the worst strategy I’ve seen since the movie Black Sheep when Chris Farley tried to help his brother become governor by yelling “kill whitey”.

Thankfully this stupid strategy is fading out.  Conservatives becoming conservative in their approach?  Who would have Neverthunk it?

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