Movie Review: The Shallows

Blake Lively Shallows

I knew the entire plot after I saw the first preview.  That’s not normally a good sign.  But Rotten Tomatoes critics were 73% in favor.  They are normally tough on movies that lack production quality.  “So it probably isn’t terrible.” I said.  Fans are 70% in favor.  “So it’s probably somewhat entertaining.”  I said.

Both were right.

I was right about the plot. Is there something less than one-dimensional?  Because if so, this movie would be it. That caused it to boring in parts, especially in the first 30 minutes.  But the director and Blake Lively squeezed every ounce of juice they could out of the lean premise.

Blake Lively plays a med-student who is vacationing in Mexico.  She is at her late Mother’s favorite beach.  A mostly undiscovered hideaway.

Points for the film makers for innovation in cinematography.  Great underwater surfing shots.  Also superimposing Blake Lively’s video phone call display or watch display onto the big screen was new and interesting.  Very 21st century.

Blake Lively did an okay job.  The entire movie was her.

Blake will give Leonardo Di Caprio a run for his money on pain acting.

Leo The Revnant
blake scream

Blake wins.  Because her pain didn’t last as long.  Suddenly her injuries didn’t seem to hurt after a bit.  Which was fine by me.  The Revenant was a little monotonous in that way.

The action was faster as the movie went on.  With an ending that wrapped up the movie in a nice tidy little bow.  With a good moral and satisfying feeling.

So yes it is one-dimensional.  It is boring near the beginning.  But the film makers made some interesting choices in camera work.  The story did tie together well in end.  I give it a B-.

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