Movie Review: Patton


Patton won best picture in 1971.  I just saw it on pay per view in 2016.  A 45 year gap in movie innovation there.

I’ll try to take that into consideration in the review.

The special effects looked like they were out of the old Batman show.

Patton Movie

Maybe not that extreme.  It’s well-done Batman show special effects.   Stuff blowing up near guys and them falling.

The acting of George C Scott did win him the best actor award.  He was good.  I was expecting more umph.  More fire.  He seemed tame to me.  Maybe because I’ve seen the shock-jock era followed by the blunt internet age.  1970 was a different time I guess. Patton yelling at a soldier or two was shocking?  But Patton publicly dissing other famous people involved in the war, that ruffled some feathers, I can see that.  Even if what Patton said was true.

Which draws lot’s of parellels to Trump.  I didn’t know a lot about Patton before watching this movie.  But General Patton was a firey guy.  A natural leader.  Someone more concerned with getting the job done than protecting feelings.  Someone who will bluntly say the truth as a way to remove roadblocks towards a desired outcome.  Which is success or winning.  This is all the same as Trump.

Also interesting is that Patton believed in some kind of reincarnation.  Patton died in 1944.  Trump was born in 1945.  Is Trump the reincarnation of Patton?  Jk.   And Madonna is Marilyn Monroe.

Patton Trump

But also Patton was a prayerful guy.  And a guy who liked poetry.  A real military history buff.  Knew all about wars from various times in history.  A man who believed it was his time in history to do something great.  And he did, he helped defeat the Nazi’s.

Will Trump be the man for this time?  A man that helps defeat radical Islam and the politically correct mafia?  I hope so.

Back to the movie, I get sidetracked.  The story was good, but a little slow at times.  Aside from the dated war scenes, the other scenes were mostly dialogue on sound stages between actors.  Those were ok.

This was a mildly interesting historical drama.  Some aspects did not hold up well over time while others did.  I grade it a B-.

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