Media Falsely Blames Trump for Hurricanes

In a near uniform voice, the “Lame-stream media” as Sarah Palin calls them rejoiced as millions experienced flooding or evacuated their homes due to hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

According to the media…. wait for it……  it’s Trump’s fault.

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Some headlines from the interwebs:

CNN:  “Hurricane victims should be Trump’s wake-up call on climate change.”
Daily Beast:  “Monster Hurricane Irma Barrels Toward Climate Change Deniers”
New York Times:  “We Don’t Deny Harvey, So Why Deny Climate Change?”
Washington Post:  “Trump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real.”
Raw Story:  “Hurricane Karma?  Homes of climate-change deniers Trump, Limbaugh and Coultier lie in Irma’s path.”

Yikes that last one.  Celebrating others hardships?

The headlines are misleading.  Specifically the term “climate change denier.”

Nobody denies the climate changes.  The climate is always changing.   Below is a chart of temperature changes during last 4500 years:

As can be seen from the chart, climate change has been happening long before the burning of coal and fossil fuels.

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, the question is: How does one explain massive climate change before the industrial revolution???

OHHHH, never heard the media ask that question before.  Why not?  Because the answer would fly in the face of the media’s narrative that carbon is the only cause of climate changes.

The media and establishment Democrats like to say “the science is settled” and “the debate is over”.

But if climate change has been happening throughout earth’s history for reasons not related to human activity, why aren’t those same reasons still effecting the planet now?

Of course the same natural forces are affecting temperature changes today as they always have.

What are those natural forces?  We don’t know exactly, theories vary.   But why are some pretending that we know man-made carbon emissions are the only cause now?

Because lots of people benefit from the carbon-caused climate change narrative.

– If carbon is not the sole factor in temperature change, the media would lose a major propaganda tool.
– climate scientists could lose funding, employment, prestige.  (As it is now, scientists who go against the carbon-climate change narrative risk losing those things).
– Hollywood actors lose something to virtue-signal about.  And they would lose the comforting idea that THEY (people) are in control of nature.
– Politicians wouldn’t be able to scare people for votes and cast themselves as heroes who will save the planet.

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This climate scare is similar to the 1970’s, when climate scientists warned about an impending ice age.

Imagine if the government jumped on that bandwagon?  What if they decided to spend trillions to prevent an ice age.  Like the left wants America to spend now.  What a waste of money.

Last time I checked, America is 20 trillion dollars in debt.

But that all seems irrelevant now as reports show carbon emissions are heading DOWN under Trump, not up.

The Paris Climate accord required the US to decrease our carbon output 26 – 28% by the year 2025.

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Even though Trump pulled America out of that lopsided deal (that required America to change, but virtually nobody else), carbon emissions are projected to fall even faster under Trump than under Obama.

Morgan Stanley did a prospectus on the renewable energy market and found that America will likely reduce emissions 26% – 28% by 2020, much sooner than the 2025 Paris Climate accord goal.

Morgan Stanley observed that renewable energies have reached a tipping point.  They are becoming more cost-effective than non-renewable energies.  Therefore usage of renewable is increasing over non-renewable sources of energy.

Who knew the free market could work so well?

Carbon emissions are going down under Trump, so why is the media upset?

They’re either ignorant of the decrease in carbon emissions or they are using another issue to falsely attack Trump.  As they did with Russia.  As they’ve done with Trump’s supposed Nazism and racism.  As they’ve done with most every issue for 2 years.

What the media should have been doing in response to these natural disasters was put politics aside and call for people to unite.  By highlighting stories of Americans helping each other during this crisis.  And maybe calling out those who attempted to use this tragedy for their own gain.

Instead the media attempted to create division by stoking hate and hysteria with fake news commentary.

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