Liberal Incongruence: Support Islam over Homosexuals

Found a really smart pundit recently, his name is Milo Yiannopoulos.milo
He’s a gay conservative from England. Maybe the only one. Saw a video of him doing a talk on a college campus, here is an excerpt:
“…..threat from Islam, I do not mean radical Islam, terrorists, I mean all of them. 51% of British Muslims, not in Syria, 51% of British Muslims want to outlaw homosexuality, 25% want Sharia law. This is the Muslims we have encouraged to integrate here. They’re are the good ones! Can you imagine what the rest are like? We know what the rest are like Pew survey’s them and the numbers are (even worse). They represent an existential threat to the existence of gay people.
And for the left to DARE, to tell me that I represent a threat to student security. That they are triggered, that they are traumatized by my presence on campus, when the candidates they vote for are bringing in people who want (gay people) dead. It is unconscionable, it is unacceptable, and whenever I bring it up to them and see the look of horror and shock on their faces when they begin to realize how illogical they’ve been? It’s disgusting, these people are ******* idiots and I’m ashamed (of them).”

As well he should be. The double-standard of the left. Yes let’s force people to accept gay lifestyles, but then turn around and not protect gay people from living or dying? Priorities mixed up. Liberals really don’t care about gay people at all if that is their position.  They just care about using gay people as a way to force everyone into denying that moral absolutes exist. Because moral absolutes kill their buzz. It’s a totally self-centered drug addict mentality. They need help for it.

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