Why Refusing to Choose the lesser of Two “Evils” is Evil

This meme or similar memes have been circulating during this election cycle:


The implication being that Clinton is evil, Trump is evil and as such we should vote for neither.  The supposed justification for insane ideas like NeverTrump.

Here is why it is wrong:

1.  Every election in history has been the choice between two evils.  The only time an election would not be between the lesser of two evils is if Jesus Christ himself was on the ballot.

You are always choosing the least imperfect candidate, it is the nature of choosing leaders from the pool of humanity.

2.  The choice is not between 2 options.  There are 3:  Hilary, Trump, or don’t vote.

Voting for Hilary is the worst of the 3 choices, I grant that.  Trump is a better choice than her.  But not voting is in effect giving half a vote to Hilary and half a vote to Trump.  That’s like choosing 75 cents when you had the choice between 1 dollar and 50 cents.

3.  The choice WILL be made in November.  Neither is not an option.    It’s like skydiving from a plane and finding out you can land in a cactus patch or lake.  Neither is a perfect choice.   Maybe when you jumped out of the plane you thought there might be some clear dirt to land on.  But if that’s not an option, are you not going to choose the lake?   You would really abstain from choosing and let your parachute take you wherever it took you randomly?

I don’t know what the context is for this Charles Spurgeon quote.  Maybe Spurgeon did have the option to not choose the lesser of two evils.  We do not have that option, one of these imperfect people will be the next President of the United States.  It is our moral obligation to vote for the  best/least bad option.  For ourselves, for 320 million Americans and for the world.

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