Hillary’s Health Question Marks

Hillary Health

There have been lots of stories about Hillary Clinton’s questionable health lately.  That is, except for the mainstream media.  They aren’t talking about it.

Why would her virtual  campaign committee mention it?

Brian Stelter of the Clinton News Network (CNN) criticized Sean Hannity for  “irresponsibly spreading conspiracy theories”

Of course far-left sources like media matters followed suit: “CNN Debunks Sean Hannity’s conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health”

The media was singing a different tune in 2008 with John McCain who had less health symptoms.  McCain had skin cancer 8 years before the 2008 election.  Doctors said he was fine.  But the media still saw fit to bring it up:

“Is McCain too old to be elected?” – CNBC

“it’s John McCain’s health we are talking about, and as he is running for the highest office of the land, his health becomes the public business” – Brian Williams NBC Nightly News.

“How concerned are doctors that the skin cancer may in fact return?”  – Katie Couric ABC Evening News

A few headlines about it:

“McCain’s Age and Past Health Problems Could Be An Issue in the Presidential Race” – USNews.com

“How Healthy is John McCain?” – Time

“What’s in John McCain’s Medical Records?”  – Salon

“McCain Healthy but Cholesterol Concerns Remain.”  ABC News.

The media coverage was so extreme that reportedly 47% of people polled said they were concerned that McCain would not finish his first term if elected president!  Wow.

To be clear, I think it’s fair game to ask about John McCain’s health or any candidate.  But the double-standard is not fine.  If it’s fair to ask about McCain, it’s fair to ask about Hillary who has more health question marks as will be shown.  They aren’t asking.  They aren’t honest.

Here is my attempt at an honest evaluation:

– In 2012 Hillary had a concussion and a blood clot as a result of the concussion.  She had to wear glasses to deal with a symptom of double-vision.

To me, this doesn’t seem like a big issue.  Whether there are lingering affects from the blood clot and concussion is hard to tell.

–  At the DNC convention, Hillary displayed some odd facial and eye movements:

Have never seen her do anything like this in the decades I have seen her.  It does seem strange.

– Here’s another example of strange mannerisms recently circulating:

Hillary made a long shaking reaction to the proximity of reporters.

People are saying that this could have been a mild seizure.  I don’t know about that, it seems to me like she was making a joke because the reporters were so close.  It does seem to go on a long time, but again, could have been a joke.  Seems inconclusive.

– Here is another example circulating.  There was an animal rights protester in the audience at a rally.  Some say Hillary froze up.  The black man came over and said to her “stay calm, keep talking”.  Some are claiming that he is some kind of medical handler trying to coach her through a freeze up related to a medical problem.  I don’t know, he just seems like a secret service agent trying to help her through the disruption.  Can’t tell if this protester was really a threat or not.  Maybe they were just being careful.  Seems inconclusive to me.  However her face does seem rather placid, she looks a little doped up.  She may be on medications, older people often are.

– This one has been circulated as well, it’s Hillary recently struggling to get up some stairs.  This does not seem like a sign of vibrant health.  Some are claiming it is a sign of Parkinson’s disease.

– Another one of Hillary needing some help standing or walking:

Where do they get these guys, Henchmen R Us?  Ok that was unfair.  I apologize.  But she’s needing some help standing up?  This also does not seem like a good sign.

– Hillary has had some issues with falling as when she fell in 2012 when she got a concussion.  She also fell getting into an airplane in 2011.  Anyone can trip.  Not necessarily a sign of bad health.  Needing help standing or going up stairs seems like more of a question mark.

– The coughing fits.  She has been having these fits for quite some time.  They don’t seem to be going away.  Persistent cough can be one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  As is trouble walking.

– This photo was taken again of the black man that coaxed Hillary through the speech disruption:

Some people are speculating that he is holding what is called a Diazepam pen.  This is used for people who experience seizures, adding to the seizure speculation.  It seems inconclusive whether this is a Diazepam pen or not.

– Hillary was asked about Omar Gaddafi in 2011 around the time he was deposed and killed.  She said “we came, we saw, he died.”  Some found that callous or a bad Ghostbusters retweet.  However her expressions looks like she is doped up here.  Again, could be on any number of medications as an older person.

– This next one is the grossest one:

Some kind of legion or something.  Some are speculating that Hillary has a syphilis legion on her tongue or some kind of STD.  Hard to say what this is.  Doesn’t look normal.  Maybe a fungus infection.  Another odd sign.

– This man makes the claim that Hillary is showing the signs of Parkinson’s.  This seems like the most plausible explanation I’ve seen yet:

– The odd facial expressions and movements
– Trouble walking and standing (freezing gait)
– Persistent long term coughing fits
– Often a doped up appearance

The evidence seems to point to Parkinson’s as a plausible cause.

Whatever it is, she does not look well.  We do not have her medical records.  We should be allowed to see her medical records

Trump’s tax returns?  Who cares.  He’s been audited 10 years in a row, they’ve never found anything illegal.

But the medical records of Hillary, that is actually important, especially considering all the questions.

I do not take joy in seeing another human being in questionable health.  But this is an important thing to consider for any candidate for the highest office in the land.




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