Hillary and the Gullibles

Hillary Deplorable

Hillary called 1/4 of the US population “deplorable” in a recent speech.  But she treats most of the population as her own person “Gullibles”.

As shown by a recent Wikileaks release.  An e-mail hacked from her campaign manager John Podesta.  “we’ve all been quit content to …… conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.”


Admitting right out in the open (well among themselves, they wouldn’t admit this to the public) that their goal is to keep citizens uninformed.

They think uninformed citizens will be more likely to vote for Clinton!

What does that also imply?  That “informed citizens will be less likely to vote for Clinton”.  HAHA

Which is likely true.  Who would vote for someone who has virtually no accomplishments other than possessing a vagina?  Congrats on that by the way.

What kind of thought process is this?  They know she’s a bad candidate.  They know she does not have a good record.  They know she’s corrupt.  They know the kinds of policies she wants have not succeeded.

But they also exposed HOW they have attempted to keep people unaware:  “poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging”

That means play on people’s racial or female sensitivities.  That means stir up divisions.  Then point to themselves as the fixers who will lead us out of the mess they fabricated.

It’s how they lead people like sheep.

They do so with the aid and help of the media.  Multiple e-mails released by wikileaks show what most people were already aware of.  The Democratic party and the media work hand in hand to manipulate the public.  To keep people unaware and play on their ignorance.

But people are waking up to this game.  And the Hillary camp knows it.  As further confirmed in the same e-mail:

“The unawareness remains strong, but compliance is obviously fading rapidly”

We are not your patsies anymore.  We are not your sheep.  We are not “useful idiots”.  We are not fish for you to hook.

They think we are gullible.  They have another thing coming.

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