Facebook Censors Protect Pedophiles, Criminality and Terrorism

I was recently banned for 30 days by Facebook for this post:

Facebook did not provide a reason.

(2% is the population of young black men in America).

Not allowed to point out crime statistics?

So let’s get this straight:  When NFL players kneel for the anthem, liberals proclaim “Free speech!”.  But when I criticize criminality, where is my free speech???  Double-standard.  I didn’t need to disrespect the flag, anthem or veterans to exercise my free speech.

Disproportionate black crime is a fact.  Most victims of black crime are other black people.  Black crime is very harmful to black communities.  I care about that.  I want all people to succeed.  That’s why I’m pointing it out.  And to demonstrate the lack of perspective of the anthem kneelers.

Not the first time I have been banned for criticizing black criminality.

A few years back I was getting weary of the intellectual dishonesty of liberals commenting on my page.  So I began to require liberals to agree that black men committed more crime than non-black men.  And admit that Muslims commit more terrorist acts than non-Muslims.  It was an intellectual honesty test under this picture:

Few liberals passed the test.

But I did have one liberal person comment and definitively say that Muslims do not commit more terror attacks.  He was very matter-of-fact about it, different from the other liberals using emotional language.  When I refuted his points with facts, I was banned almost immediately.  I believe this person was a worker at Facebook, there was no way he could have submitted a report and had Facebook review it so quickly.  I don’t remember his name and when I returned after my ban, the original post about rules had been removed.

Was that a Facebook employee protecting criminality and terrorism?

There was another Facebook employee who allegedly attacked my page not too long ago.  Someone private messaged me about it:

I never saw Scarlet Chan or know if someone by that name works for Facebook.  There were hundreds of comments and I had not read them all.  But I do find it suspicious.  As I had the meme she was commenting on deleted shortly thereafter.  This was the meme:

2.4 million people had seen this at the time it was deleted.

Why was it deleted?  It calls attention to pedophiles and their attempts to normalize pedophilia.  From the comments section, most liberals agreed this guy was in the wrong.  Great.  Let’s unite against pedophilia right?

I guess not, Facebook didn’t think so.  Why is Facebook protecting pedophile ideas?

2 days before they deleted the meme, Facebook deleted a comment I made on the meme and banned me for 3 days.  Here is the deleted comment:

Someone at Facebook deleted that comment.  Facebook decided to defend:

  • The pedophilia problem in Muslim culture.
  • Pedophilia problem in Mexican culture.
  • Liberal judges who are soft on pedophiles.
  • The arguments the man in the meme made in support of his pedophilia.

What worse things could Facebook defend?

A few months ago, Facebook banned me for another meme that called attention to pedophilia:

So let me get this straight liberal Facebook:

Pizzagate is not real.  “Nothing to see here.”

Except when I post pictures connected to Pizzagate, they are so obviously suggestive of pedophilia that they must be deleted from Facebook?

You can’t have it both ways!  These are some of the more tame pictures pointing to Pizzagate by the way.  There are much sicker pics floating around.

Again, Facebook covering for pedophiles.

What is the deal here?

I know what it is.

It’s the liberal mentality taken to its natural conclusions.

Liberalism says it’s mean, racist, bigoted, hateful, etc to criticize people or people groups for wrongdoing.  Putting people’s feelings on a pedestal.  Rather than putting goodness on a pedestal.  Liberals sacrifice goodness on the altar of feelings.  The results are goodness decreases, evil increases.

It’s not hateful to point out wrongdoing.  Parents point out the wrongdoing of their kids all the time.  Does that mean parents hate their kids?  Of course not.

This is the fundamental error of liberalism and it appeals to the disobedient brat inside of each of us.  “You’re not wrong for disobeying your parents, your parents are just mean.”

How did this get by Facebook censors?:

Ben and Ben put it well:


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