Facebook BANS Direct to the People 30 days for Posting COVID Cure

Facebook has banned my Facebook page “Direct to the People” for 30 days.

Here is the screen shot of the notification:

(I blacked out my real name and photo.)

The icon under the blacked out square does not make it clear what post Facebook deleted.

I looked through my recent posts and saw that a video I post about “Inhaled Budesonide” was no longer present.  Inhaled budesonide is an asthma medicine a Texas doctor says is an effective COVID treatment.  You can see that video on my bitchute page here.

Basically the doctor says inhaled budesonide is an asthma medicine that works to reduce inflammation in the lungs of COVID patients.  This inflammation can be very damaging.  That’s why it’s good to reduce it.

So what is the problem with posting a video about it?  Because it’s not Dr. Fauci or the WHO?  Because they couldn’t possibly be wrong?  Except they’ve both been wrong several times during this pandemic.

I tweeted this reply to Facebook:

No response of course.

But they did delete a different post a day later:

This wasn’t posted on my Direct to the People page.  This was posted to a different page I made.  It’s a dummy page I use to post memes and articles to make sure they look ok when uploaded to Facebook.  Because sometimes a meme looks different on Facebook than it does in Photoshop.

As can be seen, this meme was posted over 2 years ago on April 6, 2018.  Was some Facebook employee scowering all my pages to find something?  Probably more likely an algorithm picked up the meme.

But this particular meme is also a strange decision by Facebook.

As can be seen, this meme was posted April 6, 2018.  It was posted to a dummy page.  It looked fine, so I posted the meme to my Direct to the People page.

This was the most successful meme I’ve ever made.  Over 12 million people saw it and it was shared almost 300,000 times.

I saw how well it was doing, so I immediately applied for it to be “boosted”.  Which means I pay Facebook to show the meme to people who don’t know about my page.

Facebook rejected the ad because the meme includes words.  A pointless rule in my opinion.  But the point is:  Facebook reviewed the meme and didn’t delete it.

In fact, for an entire year the meme stayed up.  Over a year later, the meme was still shared many times a day.  There were 5000 comments on the meme and many Democrats responded.  I was glad to debate them.  I even wrote an article responding to all the Democrats who disagreed with the meme.

Then suddenly a year later, Facebook deleted the meme.

No reason was given.  They also suspended me, but gave me no suspension time frame.

I checked back every few days and my suspension was lifted about 10 days later.  Very strange, especially since Facebook had already reviewed the meme when I applied for an ad.  They did not delete.  Many liberals commented how they were going to report the meme.  Facebook did not delete it even after it was reported.  Out of 12 million people who saw it, how many reported it?  Likely hundreds, if not thousands.

Only a year later did Facebook delete.  Why?  No explanation given.

I’ve seen plenty of memes comparing Republicans to Nazi’s.  Comparing Trump to Hitler, ect.  I doubt very much Facebook takes those down.

But isn’t it ironic that Facebook proved the meme to be true:

I should remake the meme with Facebook on the right side of it column.

People put time, effort and money into their Facebook presence.  When that is taken away, that is a loss of something of value.  When I started my page with Facebook, I did it with an understanding of how Facebook would operate.  Based on their rules.  This is an informal contract.  One that Facebook has broken.

Facebook can hide behind it’s vaguely written “community standards”, but the fact that Facebook almost exclusively censors conservatives shows what their real policy is censoring conservative posts.

As I said, I’ve boosted posts in the past.   And I have directly advertised on Facebook to gain new followers.  This all costs money.

When Facebook bans me without justification, they deprive me of the reach I got through time, effort and money.

Democrats can post to wear masks.  To social distance.  To wait for a vaccine.  That’s the Democratic party line.  That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with that.  Some of that may be valid.  Even if it’s not valid, I still don’t have a problem with Democrats posting it.  That’s free speech..

But when I post a video of an actual doctor talking about inhaled budesonide, that isn’t ok?

Facebook took my money under the pretense of a fair system, but instead have delivered censorship of a certain point of view.

This is immoral and I’m confident it is illegal.  Facebook should face charges, maybe I will bring them up on it.  I would love to be the Nick Sandman of Facebook.

I have the screen shots from most of my bans.  I shared some of them in 2 articles I wrote during the 2018 elections, here and here.

Just so I have it on public record, here are 2 more I have not previously shared:

This was posted to a different page I run, called Rant-tastic.  If I am banned on Rant-tastic or any other page, I am banned on all pages.  Facebook bans the user, it does not typically ban the page itself.

On the notification, Facebook called this meme “hate speech”.  So you can’t criticize Islam?  Women are routinely abused under Islam, everyone knows that.  Or, everyone WOULD know that if it wasn’t for fascists who suppress the facts.

Memes are powerful.  Enough memes like this, maybe women in Muslim cultures would get the attention they deserve.  Women in many Muslim countries have their clitoris forcibly amputated. Must cover themselves, sometimes even their face and entire body.  Have very few rights compared to men.  A very misogynist culture.

I thought liberals were supposed to care about women?  They don’t.  Liberals’ real motivation is to cover up wrongdoing.

Here is a post Facebook didn’t think was hate speech:

Why are you allowed to wish death on all white people?  I don’t know what could be more hateful.  This speaks to the double-standards of Facebook.

One more:

Facebook wrote:  “we want discussions on Facebook to be respectful.”  Your’e failing big time then.  Because I don’t know how many times I’ve been cursed out or called all kinds of names.  And I see it happening frequently.  Just look at what people call conservatives and Trump.

Just another example of how Facebook applies it’s supposed rules to one side but not the other.  The real rule is censoring conservative thought.

I did an experiment after this most recent ban, I reported posts from Democrats comparing Nazi’s to Republians.  The results prove Facebook’s blatant double-standard.  This is lawsuit territory:

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