Education in the 21st Century


I just finished this website.  It’s pretty basic.  But it’s enough.  I can build off this skeleton later.

I did not need to pay a website developer hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I didn’t need to sit in a classroom(s) for hours on end and listen to lectures, pay for an overpriced book I’d hardly use and parking passes and parking tickets because I parked in the wrong zone ….
Instead I choose the free market route.  I looked up some videos on youtube.  There were very many about how to built a website.  I found one that had high ratings.  I got stuck and needed help the video did not offer.

I looked on Craigslist for a web developer to tutor me.  I found one guy that offered tutoring for $25 an hour through remote session.  It was great, he was able to determine quickly that I needed to call my web hosting company because it was likely their issue.  I did, and it was their issue.  They fixed it in about 10 minutes.

After that I decided the first youtube video was not aimed specifically enough at my blog objective, so I watched another video.  This video was very quick and easy.

The total cost was:

$25 for tutoring
$35 for a program I ended up not needing (oops)
$15 for web hosting
$15 for domain

Less than $100 to start up.  No hassle with classes.  I didn’t even need to leave my home.

The free market works best for education.  Cheaper, more convenient, more efficient.

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