“Dreamers” Create Nightmare for Pelosi/Democrats: Hijack Event

pelosi san jose

The most interesting and riveting political scene in recent memory.  Nancy Pelosi was speaking at an immigration meeting in San Jose on Sept 18.  About 6 minutes into the event, protesters assembled in front of Pelosi and hijacked the meeting.  (Below the video is a summary of the 46 minute meeting):

Nancy Pelosi started off the event with the usual political pleasantries.  She introduced D. Velasquez, who I assume was one of the scheduled speakers.  That’s when protesters took over (about the 6 minute mark on the video).

The protesters started chanting in the hypnotic form that is common for liberal activists: One person says a short phrase and everyone repeats it mindlessly.  They did this for 30 minutes!

D. Velasquez, whoever he is (nobody got a chance to find out), tried to stop the protesters from chanting.  Nancy Pelosi tried to stop them.  Nothing could stop them!  I have to hand it to them, they would not be deterred! (at least they weren’t violent).

What a mess.  About 101 hot mic moments from Pelosi and others during all the chanting.  The screeching of some of the chant leaders, people not chanting things in unison.  It was hard to understand everything they said.

But from what I could gather, this is what the protesters were upset about:

1.  They don’t want ANY deportations.  They want dreamers protected from deportation, but they also want all 11 million illegal aliens (some say it’s more like 30 million) protected from deportation.

Therefore, they don’t like Pelosi negotiating with Trump in a way they perceive will only protect dreamers.

2.  The protesters want Pelosi and the Democrats AND the media to meet with protesters before doing anymore negotiations with Trump.  The irony here:  These dreamers are fully aware that the media is part of the Democrat complex.  If it’s that obvious to them, how could it not be obvious to everybody?

3.  The protesters want Pelosi and the Democrats to “not fund ICE” and “not fund the border”.
They don’t want ANY immigration enforcement.  They don’t want a wall, they don’t want any border guards at all. (Hey that could have been one of their chants).  They want open borders.  And they want Democrat politicians and the media to openly advocate as such.

After these demands, the protesters finally gave Nancy Pelosi a chance to respond (about the 36 minute mark on the video).

Nancy Pelosi said “for a long time we’ve been fighting the fight for the dreamers…..”

The crowd immediately objected “We’re not dreamers!”  and proceeded to chant “All 11 million!”

(You better not make anymore perceived flubs Ms. Speaker, this crowd is watching every word!)

After the protesters calmed down Pelosi said “ok ok, I agree with you……. but as we fight the fight for the dreamers…”

Oops.  They didn’t like the flub any better the 2nd time:  “All 11 million, all 11 million!”

A frustrated  Pelosi: “Do you want to listen or do you want to shout?”

I’m sorry ma’am but you helped create this monster.  You and the media have trained people to respond to emotions and buzzwords rather than reason and understanding.  Now you’re upset when it bites you in the butt?  No.

When the protesters calmed down again, Pelosi started with some political fluff about “how beautiful they sounded”  Really?

To which they chanted “no more lip service!”  Now that was beautiful, they weren’t swayed by her schmoozing for a second.  I agree with these protesters on this one, I don’t like lip service either.  This is part of why Trump won, he doesn’t talk in this political way.

Pelosi shrewdly said “you are not helping the cause.”  Understatement. Horrible optics.  The protesters came off like a mindless pre-teen mob in adult body suits.

The juicy irony throughout was that Pelosi couldn’t chastise them firmly because the identity politics she helped create says that disputing any non-white person makes you Hitler.  So instead Pelosi vamoosed out of there!  The dreamers said goodbye with a final chant: “No borders, no nation, stop deportation.”

These protesters exposed themselves as not supportive of America and not wanting America to exist.  That’s basically the definition of a traitor or enemy of the state.

We have a country.  That includes law of the land.  Law and order.  Individual rights.  The Constitution.  Borders.  National sovereignty.

Part of the immigration process is that potential citizens swear allegiance to those things.

If people don’t like our constitution or culture, they don’t have to immigrate here.

Some want the fruits of America’s system without doing what America did to get those fruits.  That doesn’t make sense.

It’s like if someone wants to work at a company.  They don’t go in with the attitude that the company change everything about the company to suit them.  “you must pay me $50 an hour, give me every benefit I want, in exchange I’ll do things the way I want to do them and not how this company says to do them.  Oh and by the way I also want this company to go out of business.”  Would a company hire such a person?

This scene was a stinging indictment.  A stronger case against dreamers becoming citizens could not have been made.

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