Democrats Officially Change Party Name to “Hoaxes ‘R’ Us”

Democrat hoax

September, 2019

In a bold move, Democrats have dropped all pretense of honesty by renaming their party “Hoaxes ‘R’ Us”

Nancy Pelosi explained the decision:  “When The Mueller Report destroyed our Russia collusion narrative, our fans didn’t care!  This made us think our fans WANT hoaxes.  If people want hoaxes, why not advertise it?”

Sheila Jackson Lee added:  “None of us have the slick used car salesman skills of an Obama or Bill Clinton.  We can’t do things the way they did.”

And she’s right.  Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were two of the most prolific political liars of all time.  Like the Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of propaganda.  But frankly, today’s crop of Democrat politicians are not fit to lace up the tennis shoes of the 2 legendary snake-oil salesmen.

Jerry Nadler weighed in:  “We don’t have the talent.  So our friends in the media have paved an easier pathway for us.   They have browbeaten the public into the idea that truth is racist.  Truth is evil or mean.  Lies are loving, kind and good.  It makes our job as deceivers that much easier!”

It is yet to be seen how the name-change will play out in the public.

“A bridge too far?” said Nancy Pelosi “Hey, that reminds me of our next strategy, selling the golden gate bridge for campaign dollars.  We may as well cash in on our supporters total lack of critical thinking, honor and self-respect.”

Article is satire.  

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