Democrats Inadvertently Cure Insomnia with Impeachment Proceedings

Donald Trump can no longer call them the “do-nothing” Democrats.  Democrats led by Adam Schiff have stumbled upon a cure for insomnia.  The cure appears to be Democrats themselves, droning on about impeachment.

1 in 3 people report at least mild insomnia. This is no small discovery.

Asked why it works so well, professor of sleep Roland Williamson of the Sacramento Valley Sleep Research Center said “it’s the perfect combination of substanceless and boring.  When the brain realizes incoming information lacks substance, it takes a breather.  This causes the feeling of drowsiness.  If the information is also repetitive, there is a lulling to sleep effect.”

Like counting sheep.  But in this case counting empty words.

Millions of Americans sleeping better will mean they will be more productive at work.  More productivity will further benefit Trump’s economy.

To combat this chain reaction, word is Democrats plan to increase the fake outrage and possibly clang symbols every few minutes..

(satire)  don’t @ me fake news snopes.

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