Dallas Attack – Obama, You DID Build That

Dallas Obama

5 police officers were gunned down in Dallas by a BLM, anti-cop, anti-white bigot.

Did Obama blame BLM and their anti-cop rhetoric?  No.

He said:

“The danger is that we somehow think the act of a troubled person speaks to some larger political statement across the country — it doesn’t”

Ok.  So when a BLM person does something wrong, it’s an isolated incident.  But when a police officer does something wrong (or even an act of self-defense), its systematic racism.

Obama went further:  “It is very hard to untangle to motives of this [Dallas] shooter … what feeds it, what sets it off, I’ll leave that to psychologists and people who study these kinds of incidents.”

It’s not that difficult to untangle.  The problem for Obama is, when it gets untangled, the root is him.  Let’s untangle:

November 2014, Democrats were dealt their 2nd large midterm loss.  But Democrats do not go down easy.  They are a ruthless bunch with massive playbook of ethical and unethical means.  They are willing to advance their agenda by any means necessary.

The opportunity presented itself with the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri.  The means:  Stir up old racial wounds, divide and conquer.

What was Obama’s part?

One day after Obama’s mid-term shellacking, he met with civil rights leaders including race-huckster Al Sharpton to discuss the Michael Brown case and the potential protests in Ferguson.  Obama told them to “stay on course”.

Stay on course for what?

This was a case of a criminal resisting arrest and attacking a police officer.  The police officer discharged his weapon in self-defense.   What possible course could Obama be talking about?

The course was to rile up civil unrest for Obama’s political gain.  Practically the only thing Obama is skilled at, corrupt community manipulating.

And that’s what the protest leaders did.  When the St. Louis Grand Jury announced they would not charge officer Darren Wilson with a crime 3 weeks later, the protests erupted.  Businesses were burned down.  The small town of Ferguson, mostly black, was left in shambles.  Property values plummeted 50%.

I can still remember the side by side screenshot of Obama’s press conference while protests grew out of control.

Obama Ferguson

Obama spoke out of both sides of his mouth giving token gestures to “peace” and “rule of law”, while simultaneously stoking the opposite:

“there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry.  It’s an understandable reaction.”

How is it understandable to be angry at a cop for shooting someone in self-defense?   Obama justified the anger as if there was racism or wrongdoing by the officer.  There wasn’t.

“I also appeal to law enforcement officials in Ferguson to show care and restraint in managing peaceful protests that occur”

Insinuating that police are out to turn the fire hose on peaceful black protesters?  This was a backhanded insult to police.

“As they (police)  do their job in the coming days, they need to work WITH the community, not against the community.”

More negative insinuations about police.  Does nothing to promote peace.

“people have concerns around legitimate issues around how communities and law enforcement interact.”

That’s fine.  Talk about that when police misconduct cases arise.  This was not one of those cases.

“The situation in Ferguson speaks to broader challenges that we still face as a nation.”

The situation in Ferguson was one black man robbing and assaulting a convenience store clerk.  Then resisting arrest and attacking an officer.  What broader challenge does that represent?  That black people commit crimes and resist arrest?  That’s not the challenge Obama painted it as.

“deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color.”

And you stoked it.  With phony narratives. For your own political gain.  A responsible president would have promoted this:

police baltimore

“Some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country.”

This case had nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK or anything in the distant past of America.  Why even bring that up into the equation?  It has no place.  You’re riling up old wounds of past generations.  That’s helps nothing.

That’s like if someone defended the honor of their wife and a bystander said “oh, that’s like when your great great grandfather punched someone.”

That’s someone trying to cause trouble.  It is not helpful.  it does not promote peace in any way.

“(we need to) train law enforcement officials to work in a way that is fair to everybody.”

Again, implying police are not fair.  If there is an incident of unfairness, then talk about it.  When cooler heads prevail.  Do not talk about unfairness when the incident in question has no unfairness about it.  Especially when people are on the verge of rioting.

“best practices… criminal justice reform.”

Translated: ‘police are racists.’  (pointing to himself as the fixer)

“not just an issue for Ferguson, this is an issue for America.”

Translated:  ‘America is racist.’ (point to himself as the fixer)

“There are still problems, communities of color are not just making these problems up.”

Well actually in this case they did!  Your great outrage was totally fabricated.  The “hands up don’t shoot” narrative was debunked.  It was a lie made up and advanced by dishonest media outlets.  Months later Obama’s justice department confirmed that it wasn’t true.

“Too often it feels like the law is being applied in a discriminatory fashion.”

People’s feelings are often irrational.  You should be talking about facts, not how people feel.

“These are real issues (police discrimination against black people), we need to lift them up, and not deny them.”

Except your shining example of police discrimination and racism wasn’t.  If it’s so real, why do you need to fabricate your example?

That’s like saying “I have a big pile of gold coins in my basement.”  Then someone wants to see, so the person brings one up that is a chocolate coin in a gold-colored rapper.

That doesn’t really help the case that they have tons of gold in your basement when the shining example is a fraud.  It discredits the narrative.

“We do have work to do here.”

The work you are doing Mr. President is riling up racial tensions for your own political goals.

“And we shouldn’t try to paper it over”

You mean like pretending something is a certain way when it’s not?  Like what you did about the Michael Brown case?

“The vast majority of the community (in Ferguson) has been making sure we see this as an opportunity to seize the moment.”

That’s what you did.  You seized it.  For your own political gain.  And left a ruinous Ferguson in your wake.

“We need to lift up constructive dialogue that is taking place.”

Translated:   ‘you all need to do what I am saying, bow down to me and submit to my ideology.’  The deception in this speech was so thick.  He alternated between token truths and the deceptions above like a one-two punch.  Half-truthing people into a hypnotic trance.

Obama’s speech had the effect he was looking for.  More divided people. Obama pointing to himself as the solution.  Obama rinsed and repeated the same talking points in Baltimore and every other case of police vs black person conflict, regardless of whether there was police misconduct or not.

This gave rise to the Black Lives Matter group who is the most racist group since the Black Panthers.  Not harmless rhetoric, rhetoric that inspires people to take harmful action.  Like what happened in Dallas.

But 5 police murdered in Dallas are only the tip of the iceberg.  More damage has been done to all communities, especially black communities.

For example, the “Ferguson Effect.”  Statistics show that arrests declined after Ferguson.  Declined even further after Baltimore.  Where it was clear that Baltimore’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby had a similar ax to grind as the president:

Mosby Baltimore

Mosby all but convicted 6 officers involved in the Freddie Gray situation before any due process:  “I assured his family (of Freddie Gray) that no one is above the law and I will pursue justice on their behalf…….(to the protesters) I commend your courage to stand for justice………Mr. Grey’s death was a homicide, probable cause to file criminal charges………..the people of Baltimore and people across america, I heard your call for ‘no justice no peace’…… I work to deliver justice on behalf of Freddie Grey…… ”

baltimore cops

All verdicts so far have been not guilty.  Legal experts expect the same for the remaining charges.

The political rush to judgment by Mosby and demonization of police by the media and democrats has made cops “very fearful” to do their jobs according to Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich.  He said the cops feel that Marilyn Mosby “does not have their back.”

So when the powers that be in the government and media seem to be on a police witch hunt, how does that affect fighting crime?

Less arrests. Gov Ehrlich:  “Arrests are down. They’ll answer a 911 call, but when it comes to real policing, they are very fearful that state’s attorney does not have their back, and to the large extent…the same goes for the police commissioner.”

Less assertive police because some are tentative and don’t want to be unfairly punished over honest mistakes.
More criminal activity.  A spike in homicide rates:

crime baltimore

Average murders per month in Baltimore went from about 20/month to 30 – 35/month.  That’s an increase of 150 murders a year!  In Baltimore alone!  Similar spikes were seen in other metropolitan areas, especially those with high black populations:

graph Ferguson

The shame of it is that the most common victims of those crimes are black people themselves.

Are there protests about that?  Does Obama give speeches about that?  Do Democrats rail against that?  Does the media spend endless airtime on that?

Quite the contrary.

All they’re interested in is stringing up black people to trees to be beaten like pinatas while the candy of political opportunism pours out of their lifeless bodies.

1 man in Freddy Gray died while in custody of police.  The subsequent police witch hunt led to an 150 more people murdered in Baltimore alone.  Most of those victims were black.

black lives matter

When a solution causes far more black deaths then it prevents?  That’s not a solution, that’s its own problem.  A problem started by Obama’s community corruption.



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Obama Ferguson speech:  https://youtu.be/fR8iyx4t0k8

Marilyn Mosby Baltimore Speech:  https://youtu.be/T-AUQ1haAtE


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