Common Liberal Lies About Trump

I seem message board comments all the time, the behavior and arguments from Hillary supporters does not change much.

It repeats over and over.  I see message boards where liberals make specific assertions that sometimes go unchallenged.

It’s so easy to counter some of these assertions from liberals, but you need to know the truth first.

Here are the most common liberal assertions I have seen about Trump:

1.  Trump raped a 13-year old girl.

The truth:  Trump has been charged with raping a 13-year-old girl.  Nothing has been proven.

But the truth about the coordinator of these charges is that he is a former Jerry Springer producer who contestants said told them to make up stories and stage fights.  *Credibility warning*

Further, this is a man who has a history of making up false charges against celebrities.  Such as that he sold drugs to OJ on the day he killed Nicole.  That Courtney Love offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt Cobain.  And that he was negotiating a $1 million interview deal with Casey Anthony.  ***Credibility Warning***

This is all reported by The Guardian newspaper who did some excellent investigative reporting on the matter.  Please remember this link and use it when you see this lie online if you are so inclined:

Also consider that no mainstream media outlets have picked this story up.  If this story was credible, it would be the biggest story of the entire campaign!  The same media that has run with many flimsy stories about Trump that turned out to be untrue won’t run this one.  *****Red Flags of the Credibility of this story****

Also, it’s not good to be on the defense all the time.  Defend against the claim, then attack.  If the accuser cares about rape, they should care that Bill Clinton raped several women.  The foremost being Juanita Broderick, search on YouTube for her 60 minute interview in 1999, is very compelling.

But they might say “But Bill Clinton is not running for president.”

Yeah right, like they wouldn’t be voting for him if he was?  You can challenge him with that if you want, but what Hillary has done has also been bad concerning sexual assaults.  She led attack dog lawyer teams and private investigators to bully and harass Bill’s sexual assault victims into silence.  She enabled his sexual assault lifestyle.

Also, as a young lawyer she defended a child rapist.  The man raped a 12-year-old so badly that she was in a coma for 5 days and could never have kids.  Hillary made up lies about the little girl saying she had “rape fantasies” or “sought older men”.  Hillary also shopped around the evidence all the way to New York from Arkansas to find a lab that would falsify underwear samples.  Using dirty lawyer tricks to help a 41-year-old man get away with child-rape.  Pretty low.

Then later she was caught on tape talking about it saying “I had him take a polygraph test and he passed…..which forever ruined my faith in polygraph tests (cackle)”  Showing she knew he was guilty.

This is low.  Tell people that.  And you can show them this hard-hitting video:

If they want to talk about Trump committing adultery or some of the crude things he said.  There is no defending it.  So don’t.  It was wrong.  He shouldn’t have done it.  Those are the worst things anyone could say about Trump that are true.  Be accountable.  But don’t let the other person avoid accountability, what Bill Clinton and Hillary have done above of rape, enabling rape and attacking the victims of rape is far worse than anything Trump has done in this arena.

2.  That Trump mocked a handicapped person.  I read this is the #1 reason why some people don’t want to vote for Trump.  It is important to some voters.

This charge has been debunked by many videos or articles, but not in high circulation, so not everyone knows about it.  I didn’t know it was bunk until a month or so ago.

Trump appeared to mock a disabled reporter.  Trump said he never met the reporter.

But footage shows that Trump uses this same arm flop mannerism to mock himself, to mark bank regulators, to mock an army general, he used it to mock Ted Cruz once and he used it to mock himself too.

Here is footage of the first 3.  I’ve seen better clips, but can’t find them now, if anyone has one please post and I will insert it here:

Also a good article on the subject:

And remember, defend, then attack.  Hillary (and the media) have repeatedly lied about this issue to slander Trump.  She’s even used disabled people in ads and at the DNC as props to do so.  She’s the one who is disrespectfully using disabled people.

And please, remember the wikileaks e-mail link of a Clinton advisor e-mailing Clinton campaign manager John Podesta with this gem:

“we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly.”

The Clinton camp wants to keep people “unaware” and “compliant”

People really don’t like this one.  So after you expose their accusation as false, hit them with that wikileaks e-mail and call them unaware.  Just like Hillary wants them to be.  Encourage them not to be fooled.  People don’t like to be taken advantage like that.  You’ve clearly showed they were lied to.  I don’t care what someone’s ideology is, people don’t like that.  It’s a good finisher after you’ve shown someone’s charge to be false and you can use it every time they make a false charge as some Hillary Supporters/Trump critics have many false charges.

3.  Trump stiffed contractors.

This is a tough one because we are talking about multiple cases where the details are not widely reported.  So it’s a real disadvantage.  You don’t know the details.  But the accuser doesn’t know the details either.  But they are making accusations based on the word of people that Trump supposedly stiffed.

But we do know some facts about Trump’s history with contractors and lawsuits.  Bill O’Reilly had an excellent segment on the subject last month that shed light on the issue:

Out of the 3500 lawsuits Trump has been involved with, he only lost 38.  That is a tiny percentage and as Kimberly Gulfoyle puts it, that does not show a pattern of stiffing people.

Please keep in mind the context, Trump has been involved with over 500 businesses in his 40+ long career.  Lawsuits happen with so much business being done.

When asked about it once, Trump said:  “Let’s say that they do a job that’s not good, or a job that they didn’t finish, or a job that was way late. I’ll deduct from their contract, absolutely.”

Most people have had experiences with different contractors who didn’t do a good job or who delayed projects that inconvenienced us.  It’s likely Trump has had many of those experiences as he hires many contractors in his business.

4.  “Trump Lies 91% of the time”

This one is so incredibly stupid that I love when I hear someone say it because I know they are going to feel really dumb when I expose how simple their error is.

This charge comes from some website or multiple websites who repeat it.

What they really mean by “91% of the time” is that they have found Trump to be lying on 91% of the things they FACT CHECK.  Not on everything they fact check.

Of course he does not lie 91% of the time, that would be absurd.  Nobody comes close to that.

The fact-checkers only check things they already think is a lie.  Or already know is faulty.  They don’t fact check everything everyone says.

Also, these fact-checkers have been really found out in recent months or over this last campaign for how biased they are.  Snopes is run at least partially by a far left Hillary supporter.  Poltifact gave Sarah Palin the “lie of the year” for saying there were death panels in Obamacare, but then later it turned out she was correct.

But in addition to that, the fact checking procedures are extremely faulty for a few reasons.

A.  They will nitpick small details and miss out on the big picture.  For example when Trump talked about Hillary deleting e-mails, fact check org said:

“Trump also said Clinton’s emails were “acid washed,” calling it a “very expensive process.” Neither statement is true. The emails were deleted using a free software program that does not involve the use of chemicals.”

Whether it was expensive or used actual acid doesn’t matter.  The pertinent point is that Hillary’s campaign went to great lengths to delete e-mails.  But fact check will deem something like this a lie when the important point was true.

Fact checkers will do this often I have found, get caught up on an insignificant detail while ignoring the main important point.

B.  If they check a charge made by someone, if they don’t find a smoking gun that the charge is true, they will often deem something a lie.

That is wrong because unless they have contrary evidence that is mutually exclusive with the charge, they can’t possibly know that.  But they deem something a lie as if they do.

They most they can say is that something is inconclusive or undetermined.  But they will often say lie instead.  Not good.

C.  Saying something is a “lie” implies intend.  Politicians talk a lot on campaigns, they say a lot of things.  Sometimes people just make errors.  They got a detail wrong, forgot something, they didn’t necessarily purposefully deceive.  But the fact checkers make it seem that way.

Some people treat fact-checking websites as infallible, please know they are not.  And inform people as such if applicable.

5.  The original Trump lie:  “Trump has gone bankrupt 4 times, how can he run our economy”

This one doesn’t circulate much anymore, but I still see it time to time.

Trump did not go bankrupt 4 times.  That implies personal bankruptcy, he has never personally gone bankrupt.  4 of his businesses out of over 500 filed chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Which is more like restructuring than going bankrupt.  It’s only called bankruptcy because of where it falls in the bankruptcy code.

Trump has between 4 billion and 10 billion dollars net worth, he’s been very successful.  I had someone actually challenge me saying Trump was probably broke.  Kind of crazy I know, but sometimes people say things.  This video shows Trumps holdings:

6.  “Trump will get us into wars.  We can’t trust him with nuclear codes”

This isn’t really a lie, it’s speculation, nobody knows if this is true or not.

But the record does not show Trump as someone who wants war.

When asked about the Iraq war on the Howard Stern show and whether we should invade he said “I guess”.  Liberals like to point to that and fact checking websites used that to say that Trump was for the war.

But later 2 months before the war on Neil Cavuto Trump expressed reservations about the war.  Making his case that he was against the war more credible.

Further, the war was the main reason why Trump switched from Republican to Democrat during the Bush years.  This helps his case even more.

Don’t let them slide on Hillary’s record.  She voted for the war.  She was privy to all the intel, until Trump who was a civilian.

Also, Hillary has already talked tough about Putin and enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria.  A zone in which Russian aircraft fly.

Trump has often said he would love to get along with Russia.  Putin has been very complimentary towards Trump and not complimentary towards Hillary.

Also, wikileaks (the gift that keeps giving) released an e-mail from Hillary’s campaign which said that the Iran Nuke deal was terrible:

it “condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf.  This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.”

Hillary wants to keep that deal even though her team thinks it will give Iran nukes.  Trump wants to renegotiate the deal.

7.  “Trump is a racist”

This one is people reading Trump’s heart, they can’t possibly know that.

But what they are likely referring to is Trump’s comments about “Mexican rapists”  Here is the comment:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.  They’re sending people that have lots of problems…they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

He was saying this in the context of up to 80% of Mexican women crossing the border are said to be raped.  They are raped by Mexican men. not by ghosts.

So he has a point.  He did not say all Mexicans are rapists.

Some people will refer back to the 70’s when Trump was charged with discriminatory housing practices against black people.

One fact is that Trump never pleaded guilty nor was found guilty.  He settled out of court.

But let’s assume Trump do it which I expect is a good possibility.  Does that mean he was racist?

Trump was not the only developer or renter at the time who was charged, discriminatory housing practices were charged to very many people in the real estate industry, especially at the time.

Why would they do it?  Because of money.  It is not politically correct, but renting property to black people would lower the value or rent prices.

Businesses want to make money, so they didn’t want to do that.

That’s not racist, that’s wanting to make money.

It’s the same as Hooters only wanting to hire young attractive women as waitresses.  Is that sexist because they don’t hire males?  No, it’s business.  Is it ageist?  No, it’s business.  Is it body-type-ish?  No, it’s business.  It’s not hate.  It’s about dollars and sense.

Same with Trump.  He has hired many minorities in his businesses over the years.  It’s about the bottom line with him.

This like all of these charges, defend, then put challenge Hillary.  Leaked e-mails show Hillary calling black people “professional never-do-wells”  That’s pretty terrible.  Here is the link:

Also a former cook at the Bill Clinton White house reports that she called a black servant an N-word behind his back.  Here is a book video about it:

8.  He mocked POW John McCain.

He did do that saying John McCain wasn’t a hero because he got captured.  That was a low moment for Trump, he shouldn’t have said it.  Don’t defend this one.

But the context makes it look less bad.  McCain days earlier had called Trump supporters “crazies”.  So Trump was looking for a way to get a dig back at McCain.  To protect his supporters.  And Trump went too far with it.

9.  “I can’t support Trump because of XYZ”

This can come from someone on the fence or a NeverTrump conservative.  They’ve mistakenly bought into the idea that we must judge someone against perfection.  Or an arbitrary comfort level.

That is not the choice.  The choice is between two people.  So put the debate back in that context.  If they say something about Trump, defend it (or admit it if it’s actually true), but then shine light on Hillary’s record, her words, her misdeeds.  There is plenty.  Much more than Trump has done.  It’s not close.  From Bengazi, to the e-mail scandal, ISIS forming, bad Iran nuke deal, Russian reset that didn’t work, lying to family members of Bengazi victims telling them that they will holding the video maker to account, when she knew the attack had nothing to do with a video.  Then calling those family members liars when interviewed about it later:

Health insurance going up almost $5000 per family, not down $2500 per family.  And Hillary wants to expand Obamacare.  Hillary wanting to increase Syrian refugees 550%, the same thing that has causes a rape crisis in Europe, increase crime and terrorism.  Bad SCOTUS judges and in turn, 1st amendment, 2nd amendment rights.

Know your audience, tell people things that they might care about.  A conservative will care about SCOTUS judges, a Hillary supporter will care about her calling them “unaware” and wanting to keep them “compliant”, a black person will likely care about being called a “never-do-well N-word”.

Defend, then advance.

And if someone won’t defend Hillary but only advances?  Call them on it.  If they don’t stop, call them a liar or dishonest or whatever is accurate and appropriate and leave.  Don’t waste your time with someone like that.

If there are other common accusations against Trump that were not covered, please e-mail me or include it in the comment section.

Thank you and God bless.  Fight hard for Trump.  You’re doing great.