Brawndo Becomes 4th Major COVID Vaccine Manufacturer

Brawndo vaccine idiocracy

Brawndo has become the 4th major COVID vaccine manufacturer with the release of its new Brawndo COVID vaccine.  Brawndo is competing with the likes of Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

Asked what it’s like to be one of the 4 major COVID vaccine manufacturers, Brawndo CEO said:  “ahhh, it’s not hard.  Bill Gates like, gave us a bunch of money and stuff.  We just did what he said because he’s like, really rich and that means he definitely knows about vaccines.  Plus we’re like, going to make billions and …. I like money.  So does Bill, he said expects to make 2000% profit.  I don’t know how much that is, but it sounds like a lot.”

Brawndo has thrived under the leadership of Bill Gates, Anothony Fauci and others.

“yeah, like, Fauci and others keep threatening people to get the vaccine or else they’ll be fired or not be able to have Christmas or whatever, so we’ve been jabbing people and making money, and…  I like money.”

In fact, Anthony Fauci gave a full endorsement of the new Brawndo Vaccine, insinuating it was better than the 3 other vaccines:

Fauci Brawndo

Asked about side effects and the particularly alarming data about kids being killed more often from COVID vaccines than COVID itself, the Brawndo CEO said:  “no, COVID vaccines are what kids need.  Especially our vaccine, it has electrolytes.”

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