A Ludicrous Hole in the Media’s Trump/Putin Conspiracy Theory

Here is the story the media would like people to believe happened between Trump and Putin:

Once upon a time, in mid-2016-ish, Vladimir Putin called Donald Trump.  He said, “Sir, we would like you to win the presidential election.  Do you think it would benefit you if we hacked Hillary Clinton’s e-mails?”  And Trump replied, “yes Vladimir, tear down those firewalls.”

So Putin put his band of hackers to work.  As Hillary’s computer defense is about as strong as her defense of unborn babies, the hackers were able to break through pretty quickly.  They found a variety of damning e-mails.

Putin asked Donald Trump, “Mr. Trump, we found some damaging e-mails to Hillary Clinton.  We cannot decide, do you think it would help you if we released them?  Or should we keep them to ourselves?”  And Trump said, “Release those e-mails.”

Vladimir continued, “Just to complete this narrative, I’m supposedly supposed to coordinate with you about the timing of the release or something.  Because I’m too stupid to decide that on my own.  So please comrade Trump, what day should I release them?”  And Trump told him whatever day to release them.

That’s about the just of it.

Vladimir Putin, one of the shrewdest global figures in the world today.  An ex-KGB operative.   He is apparently so stupid, he needs to ask whether to hack e-mails, whether to release damaging e-mails and when to release them.  He’s basically a mental invalid and can’t do anything on his own.

Here are some other things Vladimir has asked Trump for advice about:

Basically Putin can’t make any decisions on his own.  He needs Trump’s say so on everything from scratching and itch to wiping his bottom.

This is the media’s narrative.  Don’t forget this doozy:

Wikileaks has said repeatedly that the e-mails did not come from Russia.  Wikileaks has strongly insinuated that former Clinton staffer Seth Rich was the source of the leaked e-mails.  Seth Rich was murdered in a supposed “botched robbery attempt” shortly after the release.  In a very low crime area of Washington DC where nothing was taken from him.

(4:22 – 8:15):

Recently former Clinton staffers said in their new book “Shattered” that Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and senior campaign staffer Robby Mook hatched the Russian narrative one day after Hillary lost.  Courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

The media took that story and ran with it.  Despite it making no sense.

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