97% of Climate Change Scientists Agree: Climate Change Makes Scientists Rich!


“We’re rich!”

“All we have to do is parrot the Democratic parties talking points, boom, payday baby!”

Direct to the People:  “But isn’t this all about temperatures?”

Climate change scientist:  “Why do you think Al Gore’s giant mansion with zero solar panels on it?”

“Do you think climate change proponents would buy houses at sea level if they were concerned?”

DTTP:  “There certainly seems to be a disconnect.”

Climate change scientist:  “Not from government funds into my pocketbook!”

He wasn’t lying, Climate Change funding is upwards of 400 billion dollars per year worldwide.  Alarmists want that number to dramatically increase, closer to $5 – $10 trillion every year.

Enough money to clear out the plastic from the ocean or solve water problems that kill millions.

Climate change scientist:  “Why do you think the Green New Deal had more to do with implementing extreme socialism than it did with climate change?  Only about 10% – 20% of the proposal had anything to do with the environment.  The rest was communist style income re-distribution policies”

That is also true.  It is weird how the biggest voices for climate change are also the biggest proponents of socialism/communism/globalism.  Coincidence?

Seems like a potential scam.  If the repeated failed climate change predictions hadn’t already given that impression.

The interview in this article was not real, it was satire.  Facts presented and hyperlinked however, are real.


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