10 Things Wrong with Black Lives Matter

This woman in the video does a great job pinpointing some of the drawbacks of the Black Lives Matter movement. Number 6 is the most important one.

I’ll add 3 more she left out below the video:

8. Black Lives Matters only cares about black lives when a white person or cop is involved. They don’t care about the number of victims of black on black violence. Therefore this movement does not live up to it’s name of “Black Lives Matter” otherwise they would care about black on black violence.  A more accurate name would be “Stop black victimization by cops and white people”.

The problem is that black people kill police 18x more often than police kill black people.   And black people violently assault white people 39x as often than white people violently assault black people.
In this light, does that not make the entire movement seem kind of silly?  To voice outrage over being victimized, but say nothing about the much greater amount of people victimized by black people.
This is a blatant double-standard and ruins the credibility of the group.  Yes black people victimized by cops and white people do matter.  But so do cops and white people victimized by black people.  Not being aware of that or ignoring those facts further damages the group’s reputation and honestly it casts black people in a terrible light making them look either ignorant, or worse: self-centered, hypocritical, unreasonable, uncaring and maybe even racist.

9.  Big money backers like extremist progressive George Soros heavily fund Black Lives Matter.  George Soros also funds 186 other activist groups.  What George Soros basically wants is a one-world government with no borders or countries.  He seeks to erase distinctions between different races, genders, and sexual identities.
These are extreme ideas that not all black people agree with.  However, they have been inserted into the Black Lives Matter website. That does seem to be off topic from protecting black people from cop misbehavior.  So why include it?
The reason is because George Soros and others like him are using the banner of “black people” to herd black people into their progressive agenda.  It was so subtle, most people probably didn’t even notice.

This is propaganda in the highest order.

10.  Black Lives Matter does not address a toxic black subculture.  One marked by criminality, violence, mistreatment of women, a breakdown of the family unit, poor work ethic and devaluing of education.

This is a situation that could use some black leaders calling out for greater values.  But black people who speak out against these trends are often attacked by other black people for being “house negros”, “uncle Toms”, “Oreos” etc. CNN commentator Mark Lamont Hill recently called a Steve Harvey a “mediocre negro” for just meeting with Donald Trump.

This does not help.  The anger and bitterness does not move black people forward.  Black people having their puppet strings pulled by George Soros and other rich white people who want to herd black people towards their weird agenda does not move black people forward.

Instead let us face these issues with honesty and frankness.  With thoughtful reasoning.  Let us remember some wise words from black leaders of the past:


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