How Should Christians Vote?

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I have seen a lot of different ideas in this campaign on what Christian’s should do regarding this election.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but some of the ideas are not correct.  I just want to set the record straight and promote truth:

1.  God wants us to vote.

I have seen some Christians say things like “well it’s all in God’s hands”

This is true in a sense, but God has given us free will.  God has given human kind the principle of sowing and reaping.  God has given us the choice between “light and darkness”

When faced with that choice, the bible does not say “choose one or the other or don’t choose, I am in control and your choice is of no consequence.”

Far from it!  That is a heresy straight from hell.

God calls people to choose wisely.  All throughout the bible the Jewish people were faced with choices on who to serve, God or idols.  God required his people to serve only him.  Not an idol.  And not a non-choice either.  “Choose this day who your shall serve.”  Joshua 24:15

Part of serving God is stewardship over what we have been given.

This includes stewardship of our money, time, energy, power.  One of those powers is our power to vote.

While we may think 1 vote is a small amount of power, it is still something we still have stewardship over it.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much” Luke 16:10

If you make $100 you are still expected to tithe $10. Same as if you make $1 million dollars you are expected to tithe $100,000.  Your church is likely not going to be made or broken based on your donation.  But you still do it.  To do your part.

It is a spiritual principle, it is not all about the outcome of exercising your power, it is about your heart.  Being obedient in the small things as well as big.

Yes it is our responsibility to exercise our power to vote.

2.  “Ok, who does God want me to vote for?”

I have seen some people advance the notion of “voting one’s conscience.”

While this may seem spiritual, it is most often times a pharisee idea of voting.

What they mean by this sentiment is that people should vote for the person who they think would make the best president.

“What’s wrong with that?”

First, they don’t live up to it.  Jesus would make the best president.  But that’s not who they vote for.  They vote for a 3rd party person or write-in vote.

Why don’t they vote for Jesus?

Because he can’t win.

That is the criteria they are leaving out.  The correct sentiment is:  “Vote one’s conscience out of the available people who have a chance to win.”

Voting for someone who can’t win is the same as not voting.  That is not being a good steward of one’s vote.

3.  “Ok,  out of the only two people who can win at this point, who should I vote for?”  (If you already think Donald Trump is the better than Hillary Clinton, that is your answer.  If you are on the fence or think Hillary is better, please read further)

When asked by his disciples what the greatest commandment was, Jesus said:  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Matt 22: 37 – 39.

Love God and love your neighbor.

Vote how God would want you to vote.

Which is for the candidate who will best advocate for God has said, the principles outlined in the bible.

We can consider which candidate’s positions line up with the bible on a case by case basis:

A.  Abortion.  650,000 unborn babies are eliminated every year in America.  Hillary is so pro-abortion she even advocates this:


That is a partial birth abortion.  Babies like this are punctured in the back of the skull.   Their brain are vacuumed out to kill them.

This is not pleasant to think about.  I’m sorry.  But this happens.  Normal non-partial birth abortion isn’t better.  The babies limbs are cut off, the head is cut off and mashed up.  Then the pieces are extracted.

This is not Godly.  There has been much confusion about the issue because a godless media plays on good people heartstrings about the plight of the mother.

But is the plight of a mother with a 1-week old baby any different?  If a Mother does not want her 1-week old baby, do we revert to her “right to choose” to kill the child?  Of course not.  That is murder.  It’s no different when the child is in the womb.  It is a falsehood to determine whether someone is a life by age or location.

Jesus said “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  Matt 25:40.

Donald Trump will nominate pro-life judges to the Supreme court.  During his term, enough judges could be nominated to overturn roe v wade making abortion illegal once again.

Consider millions of human lives are on the line.  This is an issue of great moral importance.

B.  Gay marriage.  Hillary Clinton is in favor of gay marriage.  The bible is clear that homosexuality is a sin.  Obama’s supreme court made gay marriage legal and put it on par with heterosexual marriage.  That sends a terrible message, especially to impressionable youth.

Christian business owners have faced terrible persecution because of their stance on gay marriage.  Some were driven out of business or were forced to pay heavy fines.

This would likely continue or get worse under Hillary Clinton.  In countries where liberalism has advanced, even pastors have been outlawed from speaking against gay marriage or other things.

This is persecution of Christians and is the agenda of the enemy to silence Christian speech.  It cuts people off from the truth about God that saves and cuts people off from godly principles that bring life and protect them from harm.

Donald Trump is in favor of putting the issue of gay marriage back in the hands of the states.  This is a step in the right direction.  Donald Trump has also spoken extensively about the right to free speech for religious people.  He’s even proposed getting rid of the 501c3 charity provision that prohibits pastors and clergymen from speaking about certain political topics.

C.  Fighting Islamic Terrorism.  As everyone knows, terrorism is a large and important issue in the world today.  Under the leadership of Barack Obama, Americas troops were pulled out of Iraq before military commanders said it was safe.  ISIS formed in the vacuum that was created.  Under Obama, ISIS has enlarged and spread to 32 different countries.  We’ve even caught ISIS members on our own land.
ISIS in the middle east has killed 20,000 people, specifically targeting Christians for execution.  Cutting people’s heads off, burning people to death and selling woman as sex slaves.

This is an abomination.  Hillary will be more of the same feckless policies against ISIS.  Worse yet, Hillary wants to import more Muslims.  Up to 1 million in her first term.

Some have been deceived into thinking Muslims are harmless and that it’s only a tiny minority of Muslims who hold extremist views.  This is not born out by the facts as the link to this video shows:

Muslims come from a culture that has been formed based off of the teaching of Islam.  This is a belief system that is contradictory to Christian principles.

To protect American Christian principles, we must keep people out who seek to change our culture to be even more godless than what it is right now.  Letting in Muslim immigrants would yield the same results of Europe.  They have let in millions of Muslims immigrants with terrible results as shown in this video:

It has created a sexual assault crisis in these countries as Muslim men do not respect women.  As a reflection of the teachings of their religion, women are treated as 2nd class citizens or worse.

This is not what we want for our female neighbors, is it?  No.

Some Christians have been confused about the issue to think that the loving thing to do is open our borders and give refuge to needy Muslims.

Let me challenge that thinking.  Would people allow Muslim migrants to stay in their personal home with them?  No.  Why not?

Because it’s dangerous for a person’s family.  It’s not hateful to keep people out of your area if they are dangerous.  Quite the contrary, you are being loving and protecting the people in your area by keeping dangerous people out of it.

If we want to help Muslims in Syria or elsewhere, we can help them establish safe havens in their territory.  This is the path Donald Trump wants to seek with the help of other Middle East nations.

Let us not put our citizens in danger of terrorism, sexual assault and crime.  That is not love.

D.  Economy.

Basically Hillary Clinton wants to continue the policies of Barack Obama that have not done well.  For an extensive explanation of why, please read here:

The Truth About Obama’s Economy

Donald Trump on the other hand wants to implement the policies of Reagan: lower taxes and regulations.  Polices that turned the faltering economy of 1980 into the entrepreneur economy of the 80’s.  Policies that fostered an environment where the computer and internet industries took root and grew rapidly.   This helped created the biggest 25 year boom time in world history.

reagan trump

There are very many other issues to consider in an election, I don’t want to go through all of them.  These are 4 very big ones.

Donald Trump plans and direction for the country by far line up with biblical principles more than Hillary’s.

This is the determining factor in how someone should vote.

I must mention one last falsehood that some people have been fooled by.

The godless media likes to talk about some of Trump’s remarks about women.  Yes some of the things he said have been wrong.  Trump has done things in his personal life that are sin.  There is no excuses to be made.

However, this election is about the future of the country.  Not about judging who has lived a spotless life.  Because neither candidate lives up to a standard of perfection.

Take Hillary for example.

She has said many bad things, reportedly having a sailors mouth by members of her inner circle.

Calling black people “never-do-wells” or one black chef the N-word.  Calling Trump supporters “irredeemable” and “deplorable”.  Calling Mexicans “needy Latinos”.  Bernie Sanders supporters “basement dwellers”.  Her husbands mistresses and sexual assault victims “bimbo eruptions”.  Jewish people “stupid kikes” and “f—ing Jew bastards.  At an Easter egg hunt where disabled children were picking up Easter eggs too slow for Mrs. Clinton’s liking, said “get those f***-ing retards out of here.”

She has slandered and led attack dog teams of lawyers and private investigators to intimate her husbands sexual assault victims into silence.

As a young lawyer, she used dirty tricks and slandering a 12-year old girl to help a 41-year-old man get away with child-rape.

As this documentary shows, her husbands term as Arkansas governor was rife with corruption in the highest degree.

The cliff notes are that the Clinton’s ran a cocaine smuggling operation out of the Arkansas governor office to raise money for his campaign.  They put out hits on people who were wise to it including two teenage boys who stumbled upon their cocaine drop sight.  Also included was a lifestyle of drug use, womanizing and corruption unrivaled by anything ever seen in American politics.

I know these are serious charges.  One can watch the documentary for themselves and decide about it.  Why would these people lie?  And put themselves in harm’s way like that?

Scandal and controversy have followed Bill and Hillary Clinton their entire careers.  Even now Hillary is under investigation for an illegal home-brew e-mail server.  The FBI has said it is 99% likely her system was hacked by 5 foreign governments.  This puts national security secrets at risk.
Bill and Hillary are also being investigated for the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play felony selling of government favors.   Democrat Pat Caddell called the Clinton Foundation scandal the biggest scandal in American history.  More about the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings can be seen here:

Hillary Clinton is likely the most corrupt politician to ever run for president.  Maybe the most corrupt politician ever.  Along with her husband.

The media does not report much on this because they want her as president.  Because they are godless like she is.

Don’t buy into the media’s lies.  They want to distract good people with false pharisee doctrines.  We are called to be good stewards of our vote.  That includes voting for the best available person who can win.  That person is Donald Trump.

Vote on November 8th.  May God bless you for good stewardship of your vote and may God bless America.

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