NeverTrump Choice Between Two Futures


There is a giant contradiction in the NeverTrump position:

NeverTrump conservatives point to Trump’s adulteries and coarse talk as reasons they oppose him.  Most of the criticisms about Trump in the media are not true, but those 2 are true…  We’ll get back to that.
Consider first what a Hillary presidency would bring:

1.  Amnesty for illegal aliens and more illegal immigration in general.

– With it brings increased crime, more strain on our social welfare programs, voters who statistically do not support liberty or conservatism.

2. A 550% increase in Syrian refugees and more Muslim immigration in general.
– With it brings all the same negative consequences of illegal immigration, but even more so.  In addition to the threat of terrorism.

3.  Far-left SCOTUS judge appointments.

– With it further assault on our 2nd amendment.
– Putting abortion even more out of reach.  Virtually guaranteeing the continued destruction of 650,000 human lives per year in America.
– Whatever other outlandish rulings that liberal activist judges do.   It’s hard to guess what those might be.

4.  Further tax and spend economic policies

– Adding even more to the debt.
– Continuing the tepid economy that Obama has reigned over.  Maybe another recession.

5.  Reluctance to fight ISIS in a smart and direct way without the political correctness.

– Possibly even more spread of ISIS
– Maybe more terrorist attacks in America.

Those are a few of results of a Hillary presidency that are possible, likely, or a near certainty.

Back to the original point:

NeverTrump conservatives take issue with some of the things Trump has done or said.

But they are willing to accept 1 – 5 from Hillary above.

How does that make sense?

– Is a mean tweet from Donald worse than a terrorist attack under Hillary?
– Is coarse language from Donald worse than people with no jobs?
– Adultery (however wrong and bad it is) worse than hundreds if not thousands more American women becoming the victim of rape because of illegal and Muslim immigration?
– A sometimes abrasive demeanor worse than highways blocked by BLM protesters, gravestones defaced, further erosion of law and order and resulting crime increases?

It is not close when compared side by side.  The negative outcomes of a Hillary presidency are far more important than the personality imperfections of Donald J. Trump.

This election is not about personality defects.  It’s not about a spotless life history.  It’s about the future of the country.

I understand the media is good at manipulating voters with distractions.  Good at getting people forget about what is really important.

But I didn’t think conservative voters would fall for that.  Especially considering conservatives are normally aware of how dishonest and biased the media is.

Fortunately, most conservatives who supported a different candidate than Trump in the primaries have come around.  Hopefully the rest will.

But it’s not just deception from the media that is tripping up some conservatives.  It’s deception in our own ranks.

Such as the idea about “voting ones conscience”.

Why this is wrong is it’s rarely looked at in context.  To demonstrate, consider this example:  How you feel about how clean your house is right now?  Maybe you feel good, maybe you feel bad.  But likely your conscience doesn’t feel perfect.  Now consider how would you feel if you lived in a dumpster?  Now you feel a lot worse right?

It’s the same with choosing who to vote for.  Ones’s conscience may not feel perfect about Trump.

But how would ones conscience feel if a terrorist attack happened at the hands of a Syrian refugee Hillary let into the country?  How would ones conscience feel if the economy struggles or collapses because of Hillary’s inept policies?  Or a debt crisis?  Or a gun grab by the government?  Or further religious persecution of people who don’t want to participate in gay marriage or abortion?  How would ones conscience feel in those cases?

Probably pretty bad.  Those things should hurt someone’s conscience much worse than anything Trump has done or said.

Supporting someone for president doesn’t mean you agree with everything they have said or done in their lives.  All it means is that you think the future with this person as president is brighter than the future under the other person as president.

That’s it.  That’s all that really matters.  We are choosing between two candidates.  But more importantly, we are choosing between two futures.  For our kids, friends, family and country.  Choose the best future.


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