Gun Control Distraction

Gun Control

In the wake of the Orlando attack, Democratic lawmakers stage a sit in.
I’ve seen some of the Democratic gun reform proposals. Some aren’t that bad.
Like blocking guns from people on no-fly lists.  If we don’t allow people to get on planes because it might be dangerous, why would we allow them to use guns?  In practice however, such a law probably wouldn’t have very much effect.  88.7% of criminals got their guns through illegal means.  So someone on the no-fly/no-gun list with bad intentions could likely do the same.

And the unintended consequence of such a law would be unfairly blocking people who are not threats.
Also there is concern that Obama and the Democrats are using their new proposals to move towards banning as many guns as possible.  As liberals in other countries have done.


But the real problem is not gun control. The real problem is that Democrats are using gun control as a way to distract from liberal policy failure.

Obama Liar

It’s like a diet guru on TV saying “Hey you can eat cheeseburgers and twinkies and lose weight!” Then someone tries it and gains 50 pounds. That person sues the diet guru. The guru says “You need to switch to sugarless gum, that’s the problem.”

No the problem is you gave bad advice. Now you want to scapegoat some insignificant thing because you don’t want to admit your methods failed.

The presidents policies of downplaying the problems in Islam hasn’t worked.  His and Hillary’s policies of bringing in more Muslims through immigration only makes the problem worse.  The longer we try this cheeseburger and twinkie strategy, the fatter the problem will be.

It’s even more of a dereliction of fiduciary duty on the part of Democratic lawmakers because we knew by Europe’s example that these policies wouldn’t work. European countries have imported many more Muslims than we have. They are having more problems. Not just terrorism, but no-go zones, rape epidemic, crime epidemic, Muslims not assimilating, Muslims assaulting people, leaching off the government, polygamy, sex-grooming gangs preying on children.
But Obama talks about sugarless gum.  And Democrats pretend few tweeks will shush radical Islam.

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