25% of Californians think Gavin Newsom is an Actor Playing Satan in a Movie

gavin Newsome governor

Shocking poll found that 25% of California resident’s believe Gavin Newsom is an actor portraying satan in a movie.  Not the real life governor of California.

“He is so good in that role.  When he backstabbed the people of California.  Refusing to deport criminal illegal aliens.  But instead inviting more in.  It was riveting, like Schindler’s List” said Mary Schneider of Lompoc.

“I liked the part where he raised gas taxes on the people.  While other states enjoyed low-cost gasoline”  said Bill Cotton of San Francisco.

“That is about how the actual devil would behave.  Good writing, direction and acting”  said Mary Colbert of San Bernadino.

Asked how his “performance” compared to other actors who have played the devil in movies:

“I think it was better than Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black, which I didn’t really get.  Maybe not up to the level of Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate, but close”  said Brad Simmons of Palo Alto.

Image result for devil's advocate meet joe black Image result for devil's advocate meet joe black

Asked if they thought Gavin Newsom deserved an Academy Award nomination for his role:

“I certainly think he should be considered.  I mean, to perpetrate such dastardly behavior, while simultaneously maintaining a plastic used car salesman smile.  That’s a stretch for any actor”  said Barbara Nielson of Loma Linda.

Asked if she would ever vote for someone like the “character” played by Gavin Newsom, Judy Rafinetti of Burbank said, “No way.  I vote Democrat down ticket.”

This article is satire.  But hyperlinked citations of Gavin Newsom’s policies are real.

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