#NeverTrump meets Ghost of Christmas Future

Let me break down the possible future scenarios for people who are considering NeverTrump:

1.  Hillary Clinton wins the election:  For the next 4 – 8 years you will be blamed for every bad thing that happens under her admin.

2.  Donald Trump wins the election:  Anytime he does anything good, you will be blamed for not voting for him.  Good judge nomination:  You were wrong.  Good anything:  You were wrong.

3.  The only scenario where you come out looking good is if Trump is a worse president than Obama.  It is extremely unlikely Trump will not exceed such a  low bar as Obama has done almost nothing positive.

You will lose respect from your conservative friends.   They might not say it.  But you’ll get less of a response from them.  It’s probably already started.  They will be disappointed in you.  “They had 6 months to get over their candidate not winning the primary and they still did not support the Republican nominee”.  “What a bitter unprincipled thing to do”.  “I really used to respect them, it’s sad”  This is what people will think because you turn-coated.  It will not fade from their memory quickly because Hillary or Trump will be in the news constantly.  Even after their presidencies they will be referenced for decades.  Whenever their names are brought up, you will secretly hope that nobody remembers your comments and vote.

You do not get a chance at voting for president every day.   It only happens every 4 years.

When it does in another 4, 8, 12 years,  do you think people will take your political opinions as seriously?  After your spiteful saboteur performance.

It reminds me of a water polo game I attended in high school.  There was muscular girl on the team.  She was on the boys varsity because they didn’t have a lot of players.  She was asked to sit out this particular game and operate the game clock as the timekeeper.  She wasn’t very happy about it. It was a close match and with about 30 seconds left in the game, my schools team was winning by one goal.  The other team was driving the ball, but were stymied.  A stoppage of play happened with about 5 seconds left.  When they restarted play, the timekeeper did not start the clock.  I was watching her closely.  She literally gave the opposing team about 15 extra seconds.   They scored and tied up the game as she sneakily ran the clock out after they scored.  Nobody noticed because of the action of the game.  I noticed.  In overtime the opposing team won.

I confronted her about it after the game.  I expected her to deny it.  Instead she fully admitted to sabotaging.  She was not sorry.  She acted like she was justified in doing it.  She sabotaged her own team because of her spite.

Do not be like her.
For your country.  For your family.  For yourself.

Do not tarnish your reputation for momentary spite.  It’s not worth it.

If you are a conservative you better than this.  You are better than that.

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