Punishment for Anti-Trump Conservatives?

An Analogy:

Some small kids want to go out for Halloween to get some candy.  Their parents give him a choice:  You can go to Hillary St.  All the houses on Hillary St. have no candy.  They told us that.  And they’ve told us that for the last 30 years and it’s been true.   Or we can go to Trump St.  The houses on Trump street say they have candy.  One house even gave a list of the the 11 types of candies they might have and they were great candies.

Which street to do you want to go to?

“Trump street, Trump street!”

Even small children would know.  It is an obvious choice.

But some of the parents aren’t so forthright.

Skeptical parents:   “well you know kids, the people on Donald St. SAY they have more candy.  But we don’t know for sure.  I mean, I know for a fact that 15 years ago one of the males on this street cheated on his wife.  If he can’t be trusted to be faithful in his marriage, then how can we trust that he will be faithful to follow through on his candy promise?   Also, the people on this block don’t always mow their lawn on time, it’s just uncouth.  How can we trust someone that doesn’t mow their lawn all the time?  So how about we sit Halloween out this year?”

“No no, we want candy, maybe they will have candy!  They have the lights on!  Aren’t we going to at least try it???”

Skeptical parents:  “No, lets just stay home.”

Other parents:  “Actually you can’t just stay home.  New Halloween ordinance.  One of these streets must be circulated.  You cannot avoid it.  So why don’t we just go on Trump St. since we have to choose one?”

Skeptical parents:  “No, lets just flip a coin.  Let’s leave it up to random chance which street we go on.”

There may be a riot. I’ve never seen a child ring an adults neck.  But I could imagine one in this scenario.

Romney Trumptrump angry

This is the kind of willful ignorance and lying that embitters kids and creates juvenile delinquents.

In this analogy it was just candy.  But in reality, it is a million times more consequential.  For example, abortion.  Trump gave a list of 11 pro-life conservative judges we would choose to appoint as SCOTUS judges.  This could lead to Roe Vs. Wade being overturned, saving millions of babies lives.

Change the analogy from candy to life-saving medicine for a baby.

Now for these reluctant parents, if they still refused Trump?   They would literally be guilty of criminal negligence of a child and be sent to jail.

But some of them claim they are doing the “principled” thing because the house that potentially had the life-saving medicine had an unkept yard.

It’s very stupid and loony.  I’m quite ashamed those people are share the conservative banner with me.  I would not advocate actual jail time, but they do deserve some type of punishment.  Is tar and feathering still a thing?  Kind of:

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