NeverTrumper tells Jesus to be More Christ-like.

Crybaby Trump

What happened to America today?  When did we become such crybabies?  And by all, I mean people who complain about Trump’s style.

I was reading the book of Matthew the other day.  If people think Trump is tough?  Take a look at some quotes from Jesus:

Matt 4:17.  Jesus told people to repent.  That doesn’t sound very tolerant of people’s choices or lifestyles.  Kinda judgy.  Doesn’t Jesus know we shouldn’t be judging?  Guess he didn’t read the bible.

Matt 5:29.  Jesus talked about people going to hell.  Now that is just mean.  Not very Christ-like.

Matt 6:23.  Implied that some people might have darkness inside of them.  That’s just insulting.

Matt 7:6.  Jesus compared closed-minded people to dogs or pigs.  Trump could show Jesus a lesson on civility there.

Matt 7:11.  Called people evil.  Not specific people evil.  Every person.  Now if that doesn’t warrant an egg and tomato protest, what does?

Matt 7:15.  Compared false prophets to ‘ravenous wolves’.  “Corrupt Hillary” seems nice by comparison.

Matt 7:26.  Insinuates that people will be foolish for not doing what he says.  Non-inclusive.

Matt 8:26.  Rebuked his disciple for having “little faith”.  That’s his friends!  He talks that way to his friends?  Not nice.

Matt 9:4.  Said people were “entertaining evil thoughts in their hearts”.  Really rude.  Who is he to judge that?

Matt 10:16.  Again comparing certain types of people to wolves.  Why is he so intolerant?

Matt 10:32.  Said that he will disown anyone who disowns him.  Now I know some anti-Trump people have said we are supposed to coddle them to get their vote.  This verbiage from Jesus doesn’t sound very codling.

Matt 10:34 – 38.  Says he didn’t come to bring peace, but to bring a sword.  That even family members will be against each other.  And that people must follow Jesus over their own family.  How divisive!  And might I say violent rhetoric!

Matt 11:20 – 24.  Condemned specific cities for not responding appropriately to the signs and wonders he performed.  Maybe they didn’t feel like it.

Matt 12:30  “Whoever is not with me is against me.”  Um no, one can be neutral Jesus, I don’t know if you ever heard of a little man named Charles Spurgeon?  Yeah, he was kind of a big deal.  Anyway, he said abstaining from a choice is fine.  I’m sorry, you got this one wrong.


Matt 12:46 – 49.  Jesus mother and brothers wanted to talk to him.  But he was too busy.  He wouldn’t even talk to his own family members.  What kind of values are these?

Matt 13: 13 – 15.  Jesus criticizing some for not seeing, perceiving or understanding.  Maybe they are not ‘there yet’.  Or maybe they have another point of view.  Gosh.

Matt 13: 29 – 30.  Jesus said that some will be like “weeds” and will be thrown into the “fire”.  Pretty sure he was meaning hell.  That’s not nice.  Trump could show Jesus a thing or two about civil language!

Matt 14: 31.  Again with the “ye of little faith” stuff.  Stop criticizing!  Start coddling!

Matt 15: 8 – 9.  Accused people of vanity for following rules dogmatically and not doing what is right from the heart.  But doesn’t he know that the Republican establishment has rules we must abide by?  He doesn’t seem very aware.

Matt 15:16.  Called Peter, one of his best disciples “dull”.  Meaning dim or slow.  Just because he didn’t understand something right away.  Not nice.  Safe space!

Matt 16:4.  Calls a generation “wicked”.  Need my safe space, millennials will not be happy.

Matt 16:8.  Again with the “little faith” stuff.  He’s like a broken record.  Say it enough times it becomes true I guess.

Matt 16:23.  Again picking on poor Peter!  This time saying his words were inspired by Satan.  Can we just agree to disagree in a more civil way please?

Matt 17:17.  Again criticizing small faith.  Someone might freak out if you do that one more time….

Matt 17:20.  Yep he did it again.  “little faith”.  Get ready for a strongly worded rebuke.

Matt 21: 21-22.  Jesus criticized the religious leaders for their behavior.  Said that prostitutes and tax collectors were right and the religious leaders were wrong about something?  Is Jesus not aware of their extensive bible knowledge?

Matt 21:  42 – 44.  Pretty haughty analogy Jesus, saying that your outlandish statements that go against the status quo are true.  Don’t you know the prevailing wisdom of the day is not to be questioned?  You are upsetting the apple cart and that is upsetting.  Why are you upsetting people?  It’s just more uncivil behavior.


Matt 22:18.  Called people hypocrites.  Not nice.

Matt 22:29.  Told people they were in error.  Not the precious snowflakes!

Matt 23: 1 – 38.  Criticized the hypocrisy and corruption of the existing power structures.  Calling them hypocrites, vipers, and snakes.  That was a strong rebuke Jesus.   Trump didn’t do it that powerfully.

Matt 24: 48 – 51.  Again with the wicked and hypocrite name-calling.

Matt 25 1 – 28.  Telling parables about people getting lack of reward due to negligence.  I am so sick of people shaming others in this way.

Matt 26: 10 – 11.  Allowed an entire bottle of perfume worth a years salary to be wasted.  So extravagant and unfrugal.

Matt 26: 40 – 45.  Criticizes multiple disciples for low energy.  At least Trump only criticized Jeb for that.

Should we be so offended by every word like that?  And impugn someone’s character for telling the truth in direct ways?

Jesus also said in Matt 11:6:  “and blessed is the one who is not offended in me”

Nor should we be offended by Trump easily.

Trump Nevertrump

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